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8.o Genera&direr onsfor A ,... azcoommelna., verfe with him, whole company he (hall not have heerearter in heaven everlaftingly. Let him ever onely affoord the dea- rth pangs of his kindefl affeaion untoGods Children , and convey the fweeteff meltingsof his heart,and the moll pafil- °nate embracementsof his Ionic into their bofomes alone: for he ?hail bee lure to mecre them inheaven , and there the lefl'er flreames of their former Chriflian love fkall grow into a mighty torrent,and fall it lg into thegreat anduniverfall conflu- ence of the united zeales and Seraphicall fervours of all the Saints and Angels, runne with a fweete and everlafling cur- rent, into the bottornleffe and boundleffe Sea ofall loveand lovely excellencies,God himfafe, Ell, IN for ever. 3, Thirdly, agood man converting with thole which bee graceleffc, doth very foully difdaine and obfcure, ifnot quite lofehis Chriflian reputation and credit with good men ; for a man is Hill reputed to bee oftheir humour and conditions, with whomhedcth ordinarily and intimately converfe. e411 flefh, faith the Wife man, confOrteth according to kinde, and a man will cleave to hay like. what feilowAip bath theWolfe with the Lambe ? fa the firmer with thegodly. Now it is a molt dif. graceful( anddifcomfortable thing, to be juilly call our ofthe conceits and good opinions of judicious and underitanding Chriftians. I would have a Chriflian never much trouble himfelfe , or labour with too much curiofitie and intrufion, tooanxioufly , vexingly, and folicioufly to give the world fatisfalion, for the unjuft cenfures, and difconceites ofwit. leffe and worthleffe prophaneneffe ; (onely bee may thence takeoccafion to examine hisheart more narrowly , towalke more warily , to live more holily, and pray more heartily.) Let prophane men rage , and fwell, andbull, in defpight of gall, I would have him fwectly and calmely to enjoy thole bluffed comforts , Gods compaffionatehandbath put into his heart. But me-thinkes, he fhould much take toheart, and beevery lorry for the jufi diflike and ..difconccitof true Chriftians, or forany fcandall takenupon goodground, from nnadvifednefie and aberration in his carriage andconverfati. on. As the C:hriftian thandefires to bee dearelyofeery of the