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9Z Gcrierak direRionsfor a is that Precept of Salomon Keepe thy heart above all keeping, Prov.4.23. which thou maye ft doe with more fueceff-: and comfort:if firft thou watch over the windowes ofthy facile, the fences, as theWorthies of old were woont with extra. ordinary ward ; See kb 31.1. Plat.' 19. 37. It is incredible what a deale of pollution and ill theDevil( conveys infenfi- bly through thefe Flood-gates of finne, into their bofomes who are careleffe and watehlefTe this way. To inflance in the care and eye : Whatbanes of Wild-fire, as it were, doth ma- ny anobfcene and filthy tongue fet on fire ofhell, throw tho- row their cares into mens hearts,with rotten and ribald talk; which afterbegets within, worlds of fpeculative wanton. neffe, and flamesof Lull ? Many falfe reports drop from the flanderers mouth into the care, which after in the heart be- comes thecurled feed of heart-burning, 1pite, and mentall murder at the leaf(. And filch wicked weeds cannot but fru. aifie very rankely in fuch a naturally finfull folic. A Tale- bearer tels thee, that fuch anone faid of thee fo and fo, when as in truth it was neither fonor fo. Thou prefently there- upon conceiveft thoughts of unkindnefie, difpleafure, and it may be, of rage, againft that man that never thought thee ill. Heere thou fpillell innocent blood for thy heart may kill, as well as thy tongueand hand. It is fit therefore for every ho- neft face to furnifh and fill it felfe with frownes of diftafte and indignation at theapproach of any Tale-teller. +At the .North winde driveth away raine, fo doth an angry countenance a backe-biting tongue,Proverbes 2g .2 3 . Concerning theEye, p4vids woeful! examplemay warne the holieft men to the worlds end, tobee very watchful( with a moft refileffe and eye-full jealoufie over that wandring fence. An idle glance upon Bathlbeba, was like a theevifh boy thrnft in at a rich mans window, which lets in a 'number of villanous delpe- rate Cut-throates, to ranfacke and robbe the houfe ; it be- ing not refifted at the firft, drew after it Inch a blacke and bloody traine that robbed his royal( heart of much heaven- ly wealth , and wounded his foule as deepely and dange- ropily, as perhapsany of sods fervants ever rime. 2. Refill and