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98 Generall directions for a },aweeco qmansanesmosoma it in thy bofoinel and that occafions of choler are offered, then fay they : Containe thy bodie in quite, and tongue in filence. The flirringand agitation of thy body, by flamping or flin- ging about, inflames the blood and humours , and the walking of thy tongue keepes both the paffionate heate in thine owne heart, and many times lets on fire thofe that thou art angry with. The barkingof one Dogge fete all the Curres in a towne a bawling. Thy breaking foorth into ra. ging termer, may raife the fpirit of raving in others : And therefore filence is a fingular cooler to this cholericke diflem- per. If the (welling and boillerous waves rebound from the loft and eeven fands, there is no great adoe ; but if they encounter a Rocke , they returne with great turbu lencie , and turne into foame. Silence or a foft anfwer flops the over-flowing of the gall on both fides ; but if fury be fet uponwith rage, they grow both almoll flarke mad for the time. 2. Give reafon leave to enterpore and refolve. It was good counfell which was given to eAtigptlitu ; That when the objed and occafions ofcholer were in his eye, bee fhould not bee moved, before bee had pronounced over theletters ofthe Alphabet. It is as abfurd for a paffion to ufurpe and domineere over judgement, as for an intemperate Scold to ;utile a reverend fudge cut of his place; and there to take on in her talkative and fcurrill manner. If thou give the fwinge and seines unto it at the firfl riling , it will pre- fently quite banith reafon and judgement, and beelike a man that puts the Mafler out of the houfe, and lets it on fire , and burnes himfelfealive within : or like a Ship that lath neither Sterne, nor Pilot, nor Sailes, nor Oars, expo- fed to the mercy ofthe waves, windes anti tempell in the midfl ofa furious Sea. 3. Divert to fome other bufineffe, company, place, pleafant employment, thoughts of content, Sec. Thefe are notablecoolers, and very convenient to flake this paflionate h$ ie when itfirft begins to burne in tby, h0fOttle. 3, Habituate