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on ortdhlenulkiNg with God. 3. Habituate thy,heart, and keepe it exercifedand into- ned with conliderations : i. Not onely of melancholy , a feral! paffion, and other bodily diflempers, which it natural- lybreeds; by furring choler, heating the blood, and the vital! fpirits ; but alCo , even of the brutifh deformitiesand ugly diftortions with which this rage disfigures thole which are tranfported with it;as the fieryneffeof the eyes,inflammation ofthe face, furioufneffe of the looker, extraordinary panting ofthe heart , beating of the pulfe , fwelling of the veines , hammeringofthe tongue,gnafhingof the teeth, a very hat fh and hateful! intention of the voyce, and many other extremely impotent andunmanly behaviours. Hence it was, that an- gry men were anciently counfelled in theheate of their fit toTooke themfelves in a Glaffe. The monflrous reprefentati. ons ofthat deformed Fury, wereable for ever to fright them out oftheir cholericke humour. 2 OF the fweete loveli. neffe, and amiable acceptation of a milde unpafftonate It is the finew, as it were , and ceement ofall delightful! fo- ciety, the flower of humanity, the very fweetneffeofcivil! converfation. As it is a fingular prefervative to keepe a mans owne heart in much calmeneffe and quiet; fo its alfo atpattraaive Load-hone to draw unto him thehearts and loves of others. 3. Of the aime and aspirations amoral! wifedome which labours to draw a mans heart to that un- fhaken , conftant and comfortable temper ; that beautiful! and noble difpofition,which refembles thehigheft Region of the aire, where there is nooverfhadowing clouds, nor tern- pefluous thunders, but perpetual! faireneffe , ferenity, and peace. I have the longer infifled upon thefe morall inftruftions, Pupofely to make Chriftians afhamed , who betides the ha- neft extra6tionsof purer reafon , have alfo rules ofReligion, andheavenly remedies ; andyetare toooftenovertaken'with this mentall drunkenneffe,as forcecall it.For you muff kRow, that all this while I mean tufty, unjaft, and exorbitant An- ger, which miffes in meafure, Objeti, endfeatonableneffe, or other circumfiances. For there is a tide&and holyAnger, H z 99 pesomosielesimoweq 'Om of =pi at..47/6 1°0'66Y77 Ora cument irg, nIgrefamat fair guine venar, Lumina Corgo. neo raviitts igne macaw.