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100 Generail direelionsfbr and therefore faith Paul, Eph.4.i6. Beyeangry,andfime not. Ypon thedefcribing and limitingof which, it is neither inci- dent nor feafonable for me at this time to infift. Now then ina fecond place, for religious direnions, and more immediately drawne from divine learning, confider : 1. That all thy wrongs and unworthy ufages , all thy in- juries and indignities , croffes and uncomfortable accidents, that fhall ever any way befall thee, are fore-appointed, or- dered, and difpofedby Gods wife and merciful' providence, and that to thy fpirituall and everlafting good. This very one thought,that God is ever the principal' Agent, kept frail and on foote in thy minde , will be of foveraigne power to cook and beate backe any intemperate heate , which might eitherrife in thine heart, or rage in thy tongue againft his inftruments ; and caufe thee many times when thou art cha- fing-ripe, and ready to rave, to lay thyhand upon thymouth, and fay unto God (Weedy with David, Pfal. 39. 9. lwas dumbe, I opened not my month, becasfe thou didli it. And not like a childe, to beate the place that hurt it ; but rather to walke moreheedffilly:or a fooldhCurre, to fnarle and thatch at the Bone, never looking after the thrower or a madman, tobite the fword that flicks in his flefh ; but rather to pull it out foftly , and get to the Surgeon. There was matter and malice enough in the mouthof Shemei,to have made Davids royall heart naturally to rife with implacable indignation a- gainft that dead dogge unkindneffe and crueltie enough in thehearts of Iofepbs Brethrernto have madehim for ever un- reconcileable wrong and villany enough in the carriage of the Caideoss , tohave fet lob on fire with rage and revenge againft them : But thefe holy menby praftifeof the prefent point, and from the ftrength of this confederation whichI now commend, for the reftraint ofcholer, procured a great deale of fweet peace and patience to their owne hearts, pleafedneffe and acceptation with God admiration and ex- ampleto pofteritie For they glanced by the meanes and the men , and faftened their eyes upon their Maker ' and the firft Moom dolephlookt beyondhis Brethrens barbarous dealing with