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The Epiflie Dedicatory, dignifie all dignities, actuate with acceptation & life all moral! venuesand endowments ofartfweeten government, ftrengthen all States, fettle fail all Im- perial! Crownes upon Princes heads : That it is no humorous conceite, but a matter of found conic- quence, that all, either perfonall duties, or imploy- ments ofState, are by fo much the better perfor- med,by howmuch themen aremore religious,from whofeabilities the fame proceed:That whenHeaven is made toomuch to ftoope to Earth:Piety toPolicy; <Wilkegood,toprivate ends;there authority is imbit. tered, inferiors plagued, and too often, Lacy and Irt- lice turned into Wormwood andrapine. lic truly inti- Mates,what a dcalcofhurt is done,what a world of mifchiefe is many times wrought, infenfibly and un- obfervedly;when a wicked wit,and wideconfcience weld thefword ofauthority.For it is eafie,anci ordi- naryfor a man fomounted,by legal fleights;pdtting foulebufnefes intoJr/lire language; &by a diffembled pretence of deeper reach , to compaffe his owne ends ; either for promotion of iniquity;oroppreili- on of innocency: efpecially,fith he knoweshiniferfe backs with that Principle in policie: it is not Lk to queftion or reverie tranfaaions of State , though, tainted perhaps with fome impregions of mifcarri- age and error : and, that it is holden a Solxcifrne in State-wifdome, andunfeentely,for private innocen- cy to conteft too bufily with pair:ages ofpublike Tribunals.Thefethingg I thus difcourfe,and declare untoyour Lordfhip, to reprefent unto you the vani- ty of that honor,which is not directly andfincerely rubordinate to the honour of God : (at thebeiti