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comfortable walking with God. .wmawmema,00ISS.. with him, and Paid, The .Lordfeat mebefireyots : lob beyond the Caldeans lawleffeout-rages, and laid, The Lord bath ta- ken away : Davidbeyond Shemeis dogged rancour, and laid, The Lordbathbidden him : lettu Chrifi Himfelfe, bleed for ever, looked beyond the Pharifes, Priefts, Iewes, /udas and the fouldiers, tohis Fathers Cup, /oh.i 8.1 i, This Cop which ,my Faber bathgivenme, Ihall Inot drink! ? when hec com- manded Peter to fheathehis fword. This Chriftian counfell paffeth that which was given to Asgriflets : when the&leas andoccafions of choller are in thine eye, or care ; when thou art any wayes wronged, belyed, rayledupon, fpurned at, or trampled upon by the feete of honoured infolency, or dung- hill malice, before thou inwardly fret, or breake out into any impatient behaviour, fay firft ferioufly and feelingly in thine owneheart, Thi3 u fromGod, for mygood : or with oldEli; It is the Lord, let him doe whatfiemethhimgood, r Satn.3. r 8c And let it for ever fnaffie,nay,fweetly compofe the haftineffe and fowreneffe of thy corrupt nature in cafe ofcholer. 2. Let the wonderful! patienceof that mighty Lord of Heaven and earth, who is able with one word to caft all the creatures in the World into HA , nay even with the breath of his mouth to turneHell, andHeaven, and Earth, and all things, into nothing : I fay,let his patienceagainft the infinite intolerable, and endleffe provocations of his owne molt ob- liged creatures, who like fo many defperate traitours, live and lye continually in open rebellion _againft fo great a Ma- jelly, bea a Patterne and Precedent unto thee a filly worme, si Dominus no, duff andafhes, earth, or any thing that is natight ; of pro- his, & Pater Deus portionable forbearance (if there could be any proportion tlien'tictma"Sgt betweene infinite and finite) toward thy -fellow-creatures. parker & Patris Howmany blacke and blafphemous mouthes are uriceffantly 7,0uirat: efferer voVe: quentes , & filios non decet efredegeneres. Qaalis ver6 in Deo & quanta patientia, quo.) in comurreliarn fwa Majdiatis & honoris initituta ab hominibus profana templa, & terrena 4,menra, 8c lam lacrilega patientiffinne (nth:lens, fuper bonos et malos moinaliter facia diem naCci, et lumen fobs oborici, &c. Et cum ciebt si isniN continuo exacerbatur offenfis Deus indignation= fuam temperat, et przfLtutum femel retribu- tionis diem patienter expeaat. Cumquc habeat in poteltate vind,aam, mavule diu tencre patientiam; fuftincns, fcificet elementer,et differenss ut fir fiery potelt,multum malitia prottgra aliquando mutetur, et homo in errorum et fceltrum contagione volutatus, vel lea) ad Dommum convertatur, C,yrian bionpatient*. H 3 open,