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02 Genera/1 .direeliopss fora openagainft his bleffed Majefiy ? Withwhat damned°attics doe they teare, and re-crucifie the pretious Bodyof his glo- rified Sonne, Which fits at his owne right-hand ? Withwhat lyes and flanders doe they revile his Amball'adours, and vi- lifiehis Chofen ? How many graceleffe wretches doe wil- fully andobflinately prophane his Sabbaths, pollute his Sa- craments, and turne their backesupon his Word ? Howma- ny doe dayly turne themfelves intobails, by their fwinifh drunkcnneffe, to the great reproach of mankind, and difho- nour of their reafonable nature ? Howmany inclofing Nim- rods,and'cruell Landlords, doe grind the faces of the Poore 2,3. Nay,plucke their skins, teare theirfiefb, break their bones, and chap them in pieces afor thepot, and eate the fiefh of gods people ? In a ward, howmany incarnate Devils doemarch up:anddowne the earth withhearts and hands as full as Hell, - with all manner .of mifchiefe, lewdneffe and rebellion ? So many, and with filch extreme infufferable audacioufneffe and impudency, that, as a learned Divine fpeakes, If but any tender-heartedman fhould fit but one home in the Throne ofGodAlmighty(if it be fit fo fuppofe)and Tooke downe upon the earth, as God doth continually, and fee what abo- minations are done in that hour; he would undoubtedly in the next let all the World on fire, andnot Puffer his wrath to be pacified, or the fire tobe quenched. And yet for all this, our gracious God in themeane time, though he bee armed with his owne unrefiflable omnipotency , and a thoolfignei Charets in the Whirlevoincle ; though bee have ever in a rea- dineffe of all the Angels of Heaven, all the Devils in Hell,all the Creatures in the World ; nay, thevery hands and confci- ences of prophane wretches, andall that provoke the eyes of his Glory with their pollutions, to bee the inftruments and executionersof his jult wrath upon their finne; yet, I fay, our gracious God oppofes his infinite patience againft 211 thefe refileffe outragious provocations. Hee fweetly and fin ely tempers and moderates in the nieane time his molt jurt and caufefull indignation, to fee if the bOuntifulneffe of his forbearance and long filteringwill lea& them to repentance, Dec