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comfortable walkingwith God. 103 Osearte*tbsoorewm4(folnem.r............1 Be thou then for ever afhamed to take on for every trifle tobroke, patience upon every trivial' provocation ; to turne Lyon in thine ()acne houfe, and which is common in camall worldlings, to rage with extreme folly and bateneffe againft thy wife, children, fervants, cattell, or any thing that comes in thy way, for every crone accident, worldly loffe, dome- fficall : nay, many times to torture thine owne heart, and trouble others in this kinde upon meere kings, groupdleffe furmizes, and mifconftruftions :> but ra- ther take thisgracious leffon from the Lord Iefus his owne mouth, (91/latth.i 1,29. Learnof me, for lam lowly of heart, andan exampleof patience from his firft Martyr, 411.7.6o. Lord, lay net thisfinne to their charge. 3. Let the fweet experience ofGods patient and melt.; cifull dealingwith thee, (often thine heart with a compaiiii- onate fenfe of other mens weakeneffes, and a melting for- wardnefre to forgive. If bee out of the riches of his mercy bath remitted unto thee ten thouland Talents , what a bafe wretchednefre Were it to flye in the face of thy fellow-fer- vant, and to takehim by the throat for anhsndredpence ? If he intreated thee of all loves, and withal' long-fuffering, to come into his flretchedoutarmes ofmercy, when thou layft wallowing abominably in the gore-blood of thy many fear- let and critnfin finnes fought& on the Devils fide, to the loffe Ofthevery life-blood ofthy foule ; and every time thou amen to the LordsSupper, fhedft the precious blood of his blefredSonne : what a fhame is it unto thee to fall a raging; and fwell with anger, for the inure over-fight many times, unwilling mifcarriage, andunpurpofed errour of thofe, per- haps, which otherwifeobferve thee with obfequioufneffc and love? 4.- If a manwill not be mooved, with more faireandina genuous motives, to mailer and mortifie this Bedlam rage(I fpeakc in this paffage tohim that hates to be reformed 5) let him bee amazed, andamend for fhame; fith the holy GhoJl bath charged every man, not to meddle, or makeany league of friendfhip with him, while beenourifbeth, and gives the H 4 reines