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104 Genera/1 directions for 4 ..... reinesto this borome-Rebell. t. take mfriendfhip with an an- gry man ; andwith aforiotuman them !halt not goe, Pro.2 2.24. What a monfter is a man of anger, that Salomon fhould fet fuch a brandupon him ; whereby every one is warned to be- ware of him, and flye from him,as from a netling, ding- rous,unfociable creature ? Awordor two ofanother paffion,before I paffe out of the point, and that is Feare, which I had not toucht at this time, had it bin onely aRacke,whercon thehearts of covetous am- bitious, and carnall menare woefully rent, and tome, anchor- turedall their life long ; and not altoa cruell engrolfer of too much golden timeeven from Gods children,not without im- preffions of much fruitlefle fadneffe,& unneceffary difc&-ent. Thevanity and tyrannieof this paffion is fpecially feene and exercifed : i. In putting all real! flings into imaginarie evils, and drawing trueand bitter forrowes, from fuppofed fufferings. 2. In an over-greedy apprehenfion and anticipa- tion of forrowes to come, fo that a man by too much fore- thoughtfulneffe, and painefull preconceite, doth fufEr them many times, before they feizeupon him. . For the firfl, who feeles not the phantaflicalneffe of opinion to forge, and fallen upon him many dreadful' ob- leas ; whichof thcmfelves haveno vigour to vexe, becaufe no reall being and exiftence, yet truely torture and affliet, by the onely ftrength of imagination ? Thus oneeates his owne heart with griefe for loffe of thole riches, and that fuperfluous wealth, which if beehad ever fill poffeffed, bee would never have ufed. Another lyes un- der the continual! flavery of refileffe feare, left fire or rob- bery, Tomealteration in the State, or defolation of warre, fhould difperfe his hoard, or hazard his temporal! happi neffe. Ole is haunted with much thoughtfulneffe and car- king, what (hall become of his children after his death, what men will fay of him when bee is gone ; lea his wife ..should marry after his departure. (For naturally our minds are fo vaine, that befides the abundance and burden of pre- fent cares, ;hey will tranfport our &fires and affedions be- yond