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eee comfortable walking with God zo; b..*..., . . yond our (elves and being.) Another frettingly feares, that he (hall be undone in adeare yeere,or the next Rot of fleepe, and tireshim felfe with variety of plots for commings in,for many yceres to come, when many times he dyes in the meane time. Some take up too much precious time, from prefent and more profitable meditations, by troubling their hearts, left, if the times turne, they fhouldnot bee able to endure the fiery triall ; whereas afterward; perhaps, they end their life in the peaceful( noone-tide of the 'glorious Gofpel. O- thers upon thought, or talke of death, are ready to entertains fearefull apprehenfions, left they fhould difgrace their Chri- flian life with an uncomfortable end, and by fume extraor. dinary temptation, raving, furious carriage, lyeopen to the worlds interpretation, finifter censures, and mifconftrua ions of their former courses ; when as after, it may be, they con- clude their dayes calmely, in goodmemory to the laic gafpe, without any ftorme, or cloud of fearedhorrour and diiCom- fort; (except former diftruftful lures juftly bring upon them that which they feared.) ForPith every one, whofe life hath beene confecrated to Gods glory with truth of heart, doth certainely paffe thorow thofe dreadful! pangs and laft paine, into pleafures endleffe and unfpeakeable ; hee ought alfo to fubmit with all patience and quiet, toglorifie him, and to be ferviceable tohis fecret ends, with what kindeof death he pleafe ; whether it be , Glorious, anduntempted 2, Dif- comfortable, by reafon of bodily diftemper, andby conft- quent, interpretable by undifcerning fpirits : 3. Mingled of temptations, and triumphs : 4. Or ordinary, and without any greatofhew, or remarkeabic fpeeches, after extraordina- ry fingularities of an holy life, which promifecl an end of fpeciall note andobfervation. 2. For the fecond, betides there utterly unneceffary and meerely imaginary miferies ; many fearefull fpirits efpecial- ly haunted with the humour of melancholy, will not fuffer alfo certaine and inevitable evils, which at length mull needs befall them, to fleepe, and keepe in their flings, untill the time ,appointed : but many times awake them by the cry of