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isomfortablewalking with God. 115 immediately out of his owne infinite underflanding. It is farcemore pure and unfpotted then flyer tryed -in a furnace ofearth, fined feayen-fold. It is a facred Pearfe, framed and fafhioned by His owne Almighty hand in the Palaces of heaven, whichonely by an invifible and infpiredpower can raife thole which are dead in finnes and trefpaffes, to fpiritu- all life : flop the bloody iffue of original! corruption, and pre. ferve the foules ofmen in everlafling health. In a word, it is theWordof"God, and therefore molt unworthy to, be troy den under foote, or trampled in the mire by any fenfuall Swine : that is, no wayes tobee vouchfafed to tholehateful! and Swinifh wretches, who out of a malicious fottifhneffe entertaine fo, glorious a urffage from the mighty God of heaven with contempt and fcorne. Thefe two reafonsof the Commandment lye in theText giveyee net, &c. left they trample them tender theirfeete, and ttoneagaineandrentyete. Whencewee have alfo forne light todifcerne who areDogs, who areSwine. . ByDogs, wee fee, are meant obflinate enemies, that canes igitur tbie malicioufly revile the Miniflryofthe Word, the Do6trineoffiiriiefipctreff God, and the Mefrengersthereof.; who doe not onely tread vbentes the wordsof inftruetionand reproofe under foote, butalfo n;leccoT:igirrg turneagaine, and all to rend the Teachers, and furioufly flye in Indus non ha" in the faceof thofe who fairely tell them of their faults.Con. Ho ic7hrot: Eider this and tremble, all ye that are become fcornefull and furiousoppofites to the power and purity of the Word, and bloodygoades in the fides of the faithfulleft Minifters. Alas, poore wretches, forlorneCaitifes,yott cal}your (elves defpe- rately into that accurfed and horrible condition, that every goodman is bound in confcience not to affoord you fo much as anadmonition, or reproofe, or a caveat to prevent thofe curies which are corn:mingupon you And you wilfullydraw upon your owne heads that molt fearefull doome from'Gods Spirit, and from the Church of God ; Hee that isfilthy, Revel' az. him beefilthyJill. Hee that is a Swine, let him bee Swinifla fiill : He that railes again( the power of Grace, let him con- tinue ftilla madDogge. Hee that Pets himfelfe malicioufly I 2 againft