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116 Genera11 direllions for a againft theMiniftery of the Word ; let that man receive no comfort or benefit by the Word of Life. If he will needs, let him roare Rill, fwagger, be drunke, defpaire, dye, and be damned. psmeos verb, in 2. By Swine, are meant thole fottifh fcurrill wretches, .iz whodoe fcomcfully and contemptuoufly trample under foot Into infmnis lux- s fa. all holy inftruetions, reproofes, admonitions, tendred unto 11,necti &hina the out of the Word of Truth. 6 °nines hujuf- rn irnunoant in I . Someof thefe are Swine, as it were, onely in praaife 4'P' "'bid' they doe not fay much, or keepe any great grunting againft goodmen ; but they feed unfatiably, though filently, upon thedrug,' and filth of fenfuall pleafures and carnall content- ments : and ifat any time a Nark be caft in their way ; I meane a feafonable reproofe miniftered unto them, they trample it in the mire, andwith a brutifh bafeneffe tread it under foote ; becaufe indeed they hate tobee reformed, and are iottifhly and ftubbornely refolved, not to exchange thefe worldly pleafures which they have in prefent poffeffion and purfuite, for the glory of anhundredheavens, which Prea- chers fo much talke of, but they cannot talk of, or tell when to come thither. 2. Oiler Swine there are, as it wereboth in pratiife and profeflion ; whob :fides their hating to bee- reformed, and obftinate refolution not to forgoe their prefent pleafureil, or forfake their former wayes, are alfo potfeffed with a fpirit of fcoffing. Thefe are rather wild Boares : for with a furious and Giant-like infolency and outrage , they provoke, and UO1114.[9.81 challenge themighty Loidof heaven, about the truth ofhis m Judgements andPromifes, makinga mocke of them. Let all fenfiaall and Swinifh wretches confider this, and tremble ; who with finnefull greedineffe feed upon earthli- neffe, and Epicurifme, and hate robe reformed ; whowilful- ly wallow in the mud and filth of vanifhing pleafures, and will not be walked ; whomany and many times come unto, continue at, and depart from the houfe of God, with a fet- tledpurpofe and refolution,not to fuller their hearts tobe ma. Reredby thepower of the Millinery, or to change theirold fafhions,