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comfitralewdkingwith GA ii7 faThions, fay4he Preacherwhat he will : but to Iive, and end their dayes,in their ordinary former courfes ofprophaneneffe andgood-fellowfhip. They may reade their doome and vent- geance thatdogs them at theheelcs, Pfal. 50.21,2 Curfedalfo is the conditionof all you that are fcoffers at godlinefie and goodmen. Youhave wearied your felves fo long in walking and (landing in wicked wayes , that you are now let dowse at refl in thechaireoffcorners. And therefore 0 thofe that 'land on the Lords fide, arecommanded by Chrift , there to leave you in your damned cafe, and to dif- quiet you no further. And what an horribledepth of fpiri- tuall mifery is this ; That you runne furioufly tewards the pit of hell, andmull have nobody to flayyou ; not a man to call andcry unto you, to tell you, that the fiery Lake is a lit- tle before you,? Though wee have thus much light from thenatural! pro- perties of Dogsand Swine,to defcrie and delineate thole fel- lowes,towhom, by Chrifis commandement, Pearlesand ho- ly things, admonitions and reproofes are not to be vouchfa. fed ; yet Chriflians are fore troubled many timeshow tobe- have themfelves, when to fpeake, when tohold their peace, whom to repute Dogs and Swine, whomnot; when upon force unavoidable neceffitie, orby the exigencie oftheir Cal- ling, they are unwillingly, and.,unawares plunged into the company ofprophane wretches, whofeordinary talke is the language of Hell ; oathes, fcurrill jells, jellingupon the holy converfation oftheSaints,flandering goodmen,difgracing the Wales of fincerity,and fuch other bafe,and Bedlam dikourfer But I doe not fee, how any conflant rules, or immutable direcaion can begiven for Chriftian carriage in this cafe; it is fo variable, and cloathed with fuch varietie ofcircumflan- ces, and conftancy ofalterations. Theadvice which I w -uld give in this point to the Chriftian , is this : when he is per- plext,what todoc in this regard arnongft prophane company; let him con fult with thefe bofome counfellourg, look? Mire his fpirituall wifedome ; to his heart; and tohis confcimce. ihefemutt be his guides, and informers in axlecafes : and \ 13 they