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comfirtichletalkingwith God. ordinarily in thefecafes men are very apt to incurre : I meanc, faint-hearted filence, and furious zeale. 1. Men many times, by reafon of a finfull irrefolution, and unchriftian cowardlineffe, would gladly makeall fuch offenders , Dogs and Swine ; that thereby they might chal- lenge the priviledge of exemption from the difchargeofthat Chriflian dutie of reproofe. Though their caresbee filled with the oathes and blafphemies of thole that are about them, and grated upon with graceleffe ray lings againfi good men, and foulc difgracements ofthe waies ofGod ; yet they never open their mouth ; as though there couldbee anyno- bler objeti, or exercife of their belt eloquence, and greateft courage, then the juft defence ofGods glory, and Chriftians innocency. Oh 1 thefe are vile cowards in good caufes, and a kinde of traitors to the fineofChriftian itie. By fuch finfull filence, they labour topurchafe a name of No-meddlers in other mens matters ; of merciful! men to their Brethrens in- firmities; of plaufible companions; ofwifer and more mo- derate Chriftians. But let them know, that fuchNo-medling is a kinde offoule-murthering ; fuch mercifulneff is crueltie; Inch plaufibleneffe is pernicious, Inch wifedome is not that of the Scripture commended by Quill; but the wilyneffe of that redDragon, fuggeftedbyHell. Nay, tome men arefo firangely lewd andgraceleffe , that they can heare, and digeft with patience and filence, the oathes and roam fpeeches of, their fervants, and perhaps, their a Tonnes, without any contradiction, or correction. In a Audis flliosblag their owne families, Come, perhaps, fweare, others talke fil- P,,Tergstg" thily , fome raile againft the Miniftry, others jell upon the Lae, quod Iteg finceritie oftheSaints, &c. and yet the wicked Governour Icnbiter,cehnodo r Cayes nevera word. But in this point my purpofe is princi- socui rufunere; pally to counfell Chriftians ; I meddle not at this time with etengifireimslat fuch Synagogues ofSatan, and dennes of Atheifts. in Doan) Sidracies 2. Some others, it may bee, but they are not neere fo ma- c&rci.1:T"itt,%". ny, may runne into the other extreme , andout ofa fpiritu- 9PT E244 all foole-hardineffe, as it were, and furious zeale, with an imperious, and unwarrantable boy itcroufneffe file in the face 14,,,