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120 Goieraildirelliamfbr a of form defperate Swaggerer, with an undigefted and unfea- fonable reproofe : whereby they both incurre theguilt of giving an holy thing unto a Dog , and unneceffary danger from the graceleife furieof theParcie. Or elfe for want of fpirituall witedome, and an holy difcretion of circumflanees theymay tender an admonition to fome fuch contemptuous fwinith wretch, whichwill paffe over, and put by the preci- ous feverity of the Word of Truth with a fcurrill jell ; or with a dull,and fcornefull fottithneffe trample underfoot that Cured Pearle. Though it be no constant charaEter of Dogs and Swine, yet commonly tholedefperate wretches,to whom by Chrifis commandement,we mull give no holy things,are fellowes of dogged, fowre, and contra6ted countenances ' efpecially to- wards true Chrift ians ; and have a kin& ofdefperate furiouf- neffe impreffed upon their foreheads, which is then moll vi fible , when they are croft in their villanies, and heareof any contradiaion , or condemnationof their graceleffe comics and contemptuous carriages. And thole Swinifh Gadarens, before whom we muff caft no Pearles, are fcllowes of a flee- ring,gibing and fcornefull carriage , efpecially towards good men, and godly exercifes : they arefo drowned in fenfualitie, andglued to the earth ; that they doe not onely defpife , but alfo deride the precious things of Heaven, As I take it, fen- fualitie, and earthly mindedneffe , mingled with a great Beale of Atheifine, begetteth in men this lottifh fwinithneffe, and brutifh contempt of the blellings of Grace,anddirer ions to everlafting Thefe premonitionsandcautions prernifed, and obferved, every Chriftianought to addreffe himfelfe with refolution, and conscience to difcharge this Chriflian dutie of reproo- ving , when a full occafion and a calling thereunto doe re ®. quire and exact it at his hands. For there reafons : Firft, in refpe&of the partie offending, 1. A feafonable reproofe, mingledand fanaified with the fpirit of invocation and compaffion, may, by the bleffing of sod, bee an occafion of convert-Ion to the ()Ender. And let