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comfertabk milkingwith Cod. z 53 11rom.l v....oftramedanavOnosessom let him know, that bee which convertetio the 'inner from the erroisr of his way , !hall Pave fatslefrom death , andfhal! hide I ames 5, 10. 4multitude ofhislinnet. And it is themoll glorious worke in the World, and the nobleft imployment tinder the Sunne, to have an hand in the holy butineffe of faving a foule. Let hope thenof doing fpirituall good to thy brothers foule, bee the fpeciall aime, and a principal! motive of performing this dutie. There is a Law , Exod. 2 3.4, 5, that if a man meete' his enemies Oxe, or Affe, going affray, he mull bring him a- gaine : If he fee his enemies Affe lyingunder hisburden, he mull helpehim up againe ; Howmuch more deanandpre- cious in our eyes fhould the immortall fouleof our Brother be, then the Affe of our enemie ? Ifwe ulna turneBacke the Braying Oxe of our enemy , and lift aphis Affe, when he is crufht tinder his burden ; with what eagerneffe and zeale ought we to labour,to flop the furious courfe ofa reafonable creature towards the pit of Hell; and to put our helping hand to raife up thatfilly foule,which by reafon ofthe heavy weight of its finne , is full forely bruifed and bleeding, ready even tobreathe out it !aft , and fluke into the miferyof end- leffe horrour ? Speake thenboldly in thecaufe ofGod, when thouhearth thy brother blafpheme hisName, left with his Word , talke filthily , raile againft holineffe dander good men,pleade for prophane paflimes, &c. for they are fo many mortall flabs into his own e Poore foule ; befides thenatural! infeetioulneffe of rotten fpeeches , which may doe much mifchiefe to the flanders by. Though thy reproofe prevaile not at the prefent ; yet thou knoweft not what impreffion and working it may have afterward upon his hard heart, whereby perhaps he may happily thinke upon a new courfe, and ofconverfion toGod; and fo thou bea bleffcd inftrument of faving a Ionic. 2. But if it have not fo happy a fuccefie upon his foul; yet it may be, thoumayeft thereby tame and take dowuehis infolency t fo cut his combe by a feafonable contradidion, that bee doe not carry it away bravely ; fo coole and cone found his fwaggering humour, that hedoe not &tie inhis