Bolton - HP BV4500 .B62 1634

122 Galenadireilions for 4 Prey, I 6,;0 Prav:io villany, that he doenot pride himfelFe in his blafphemies, and bloody oathes, in his contempt ofGrace , and other outragi- ous carriages , Anfwer 4 facie, faith Salonox,according to fooliAneffe, left he be wife in his owne conceit: left bee bee too proud. Ifa defperate and prophane wretchwill needs fweare, and fwagger, , and raile againft the fervantsand fervicesof God yet let himknow, that all the while, bee fights againft God, dammes his owne foule, and pleafes none but Devils, Drunkards, and devilifhmen. If bee will needs labour tobee famous, by a furiousoppofition to the Miniflery, and wayes of God; let him know, that hisname (hall rot after him as vilely , as his carkeife in the grave, and himfelfeburne in Hell. everlaftingly ; if beehold on in that humour without timely repentanceand reformation. 3. Thirdly, at the leaft , thou fhouldeft thereby increafe, andaggravatehis inexcufeableneffe and fo glorifie the Tri- bunal of Gods Iuftice ; when it (hail there appeare,that be- fidesmanyother meanes off'orded, and affered unto him by Gods mercies; thou alto diddeft lend him thine hand, to have paid him out of the fire,andgaveft him one call to have flayedhim in the furiousand wilful purfuit of his ownedam- natim. But becaufe hee fill hated to bee reformed ; becaufe varietieofmeanes for his amendment, made him more mall.- dons , and obflinate in hisowne waies ; and that contradi- Ilion, and counfell to the contrary inflamed, and fet on fire the laftfull vkioufneffe of his corrupt nature , to hunt more greedily after forbidden pleafures ; therefore I fay,he will be more andmore fearefully afhamed, and confounded at that great and fearefull Day : and thewoe occafions bee bathhad ofhis converfion , the ;niter caufe then will he fee ofhis de- ktved confufion ; andby con fequent more glory will accrew unto theglorious Tribunal ofGods Iuftice. Secondly, in inchcafes theCbriflian mufffpeake in refpeR ofhimfelfe z. When the aire is impoyfoned with any infeaious va; pour, menufe to, fill their fenfe with fome Pomander, or o. Cher fweetepetfume that fo theymaydecline the noyfome;; nette4