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comfortable walking withGod. neffe dale fmell and repell the contagious infinuation : fo when any prophane wretch bath let fall any rotteuleech, the Chriflian with a prefent counter-poy fon, as it were, ofa feafonable reproofe, fhould flophis owneapprehenfion, left any baler infeetion infinuate , and ftaine the {bale; and to preferve inheart and life, a frefh and ftrong oppofitionofthe heart and affeaions to all fuch lewdnefl'e and fcurrility. 2. Silence at fuch a tim,e will feeme to bewray either thy cowardlinefle in the caufe ofGod ; or hypocrifie in thy pro- felon. For it will feeme strange, that thou which makeft Phewofstandingon the Lords fide, and profeffeft thy felfe to bce a party in that glorious Communion ofSaints ' fhouldeft heare the name of God prophaned in a bale andblafphemous manner, and the innocency fometimes of agood man carried in triumphby the slanderous tongues of wretches, and tram- pled upon, as it were, even unto duff , by the feete ofpride and malice ; and yet never open thy mouth. As thou there- foredefireft topreferve theglory ofthy Chriftian reputation entire and fhining, and hold it thy crol,vne andhonour tobee Champion unto the mighty Lord ofheaven ' Ct a Proor in his Spirituall Caufes , , and the Proteaor of the good names of good men ; bee ever ready to open thy mouth when a juft apologie in any of thefe refpeas is needful! and requiredat thyhands. 3. If thy confciencebec inlightened, awake, tender, and rightly informend, it will finite, and checke thee after the o- million offuch a duty ; when Alerwards thou confidereft with thy felfe,that by thy cowardly and unfeafonable filence, thy foule is entangled in the guiltineffe , and bath incurred an accountableneffe for that finne. As thou then wouldeft keepe all in quiet at home in thine owne bofome , and (till poffeffe the paradife of a peacefull heart, fuffer not blasphemies , ob- ken [ties raylings , and other fuch ribald, and rotten talke paffe uncenfured, and unforrowed for. Nay , and in fodo- ing, betides the (invaluable comfort of a peacefull confcience, thou fhalt alfo purchafe unto thine heart a found ,teftimony dthatgracious tender.heartccinclre ; ,which is wont to.niclt, " and' I