Bolton - HP BV4500 .B62 1634

128 General/direaions for a light, for thedifcoveryof other mens limes, and not as a fa- cred fire, toburne up the noyfome lulls which boyle in his owne breft. Thus,and upon fuchgrounds as thefe, it is thehateful! pro. pertie of Hypocrites and felfe-guiltie ones ; and a common marke of their cruel/ feveritie , to wade deepely into the fearch and cenfureof other mens wayes , and togore very bloodilyinto the confciences of others , whereas they never purged their owne. But truezeale ever calls the firft ftone at amans felfe,and pluckes the beanieout of his owne eye, that hemay better difcerne and draw the mote out of anothers eye : I meane , a fincere heart is ever moft cenforious and fevereagainft it felfe; moff fearching into, and fen fible of its owne finites pryingwith fpeciall curiofitie and inquifitive- mire, into the endleffemaze of its owne wicked windings and depthsofguile; Though it heartily and unfainedly deteft all finne in whomfoever ; yet its owne iniquities and pollu- tions flickeclofeft, andgoneereft, and beget in it a more par- ticular and extraordinary impreffionof remorfe and loathing. The reafon is, itbath truely tafted the tel of a wounded confcience, bane fcorched wish the fecret fenfe of Godsan-, gry face, and formerly full forely cruiht under the moll grie- vous burthenof innumerable firms. It knowes right well, by wofull experience, what bitt,Ineffe of fpirit, and anguifh of foule fprings naturally from the retyred fitrvey of fcanda- Ions tranfgreffions in coldblood. It feeles from time to time, deadneffe ofheart, l( ffeningof graces, loffe ofcomfort toen- foe upon every groffe relapfe , or willing fall. It finds too often , to its much griefe , that if it fbfter and nuzzle in it felfe any fen!uall corruption or fecret luft , the Lord will not heare its prayers. It is full, well acquainted with the unvaluable precioufneffe of a peacefull confcience and Gods favourable countenance, which it cannot poffibly enjoy, if it lie delightfully in any one finne againft its knowledge, &c. This being the experience , exercife , and conftitution of an uprightheart; it is moll angry and difpleafed with, molt Eagle-eyde andWatchful( over, molt and and fevere againft its