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134 Generaledireffionsfir .... 0.... sn himfelfe. But hypocrites weare maskes, vizors and who- rifh foreheads ; they will hardly blufh, or be alhamed at any beafily carriage , efpecially bringing in pleafure or profit much leffe for teeming holyby their ftrianeffe and feverity againft other mens faults, though as full of lewdneffe and tuft themfelves, as the skin will hold. How often may we heare imperious Pharifes mangle and martyr a good mans good name, for fome leffer infirmity, who never learnd tomourne for, or mortifie any one of thole many groffe corruptions, andlecret villanies, which reigne in themfelves. 3, . In refpeet of the mariner. Selfe-guilty Pharifes are woont peremptorily to I3affe their rafh cenfures. upon the more righteous then themfelves, with much malice, pride, fcornefulneffe, and prophane infiltration : but the feafonable aria= of truely humbled Chriftians, ought ever to bee mingled withmuch mercifulneffe, commiferation, fenfible- neffe of their owne infirmities, and love. 4. In refpeft of evidence and truth. Prophane mens cenfures of Gods fervantsare many times not onely ground- leffe, caufeleffe and falfe ; but alio prodigioufly abfurd, and utterly impoffible, without any fhadow or flow at all of lohn 7 20. and 8. likelihood. The enemies to Chrifts ininiftry confidently cen- 8. 5.a, and a o ao. furedhim tohave aDevitt, in whom notwithftanding the C°1°ir. fulneffe of the Godhead dwelt bodily.Tertallui judged Pood to be apeftilent fellow, when he was themo precious man upon earth. Ekiab was accounted a troubler of Ifrael ; who was in truth the very Chaffers and horfemen of the fame. Ier. 38.4. The Princes fuggefted to the King, that Ieremy was a traitor to the State ; from which he was fo farre, that he defired his head to bee turned into waters, andhis eyes into fixings of teares, that he might weepe day and night for the defola- tions of it. Proportionable for monftroufneffe of falfhood, are many and -many cenfures paired upon ProfeiTors at this Malz eft mends, day. Oppofites to thepower of godlineffe arefo impudently moris, afli man perverfe, that they commonly cut conditions unto others,out CXMS' of the curfedcorruptionsof their owne rottenhearts. Mali alios de filo -ut zaisnant ingenio, now on theotherfide, Gods people tnuft be very care- ful!