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146 Geseralldiraiassfor a .0mommea.)=.0 particular knowledge, that bee never fet himielfe to feeke ,God with any confcience or conflancy but is utterly un- acquaintedwith the myflerie of godl lid-, family- exercifcl, fantqification of the Sabbaths, contribution to the.Saints, ex- ercifes of mortification, felfe-deniall I fav, Thouheareff fuch a man commended for his Religion, forwardneffe, and the feare of God; which commendation, if he carry away without contradiction, the rell of the company may be ve. ry greedy to apprehend filch a precedent, and refolve not to paffe his Pitch of profeffion, as unaccompanied with filch pule and precifeneffe ; and yetapprooved by tA ife and un- derftanding men, as hopeful! and comfortable. Now in this cafe, it may concerne thee,but with as much wifedome, diG action, and charity as thou can[ poffibly, to difroabe fuch a fellow of his undeferved attributions, and the reputationof thatholineffe which he neverhad ; left both the By-flanders be heartened to come thort of Heaven, and the power of Chriflianity be dirparaged by an ignorant and hurtful! under- valuation. 3. Thirdly, be fluent from all unfavoury communication; -Linguam babes, as lying, fwearing, prophane, foolifb, filthy a jelling ; jetting non ut ;tilos fat:- out of Scripture , mocking and making Gods people as bus to's trordeas,* Ar14"c 7 ke at feafts, merry meetings, and turfedconventicles fed ut Din gray- as agar, ,f3rs of Good-fellowfhip ; and fuch other rotten, ribald and 6'1* 'EPiP`'IBedlam talke ; which, becaufe they are the knowne and pher.cap5, Sem. n'7 proper language of the Comics of5' elial, thedung, froth, and Li" 3 3' - damned evaporations of drunken wits; Chriflians, whom alone I labour todire& in this point, are not in fuch danger of; and thetefora have nothing to doe with themat this time. I I I. Pray, for, and pranife an holy and difcreet dexteri- ty, to divert and draw from pfophane and wicked, or too much worldly and ordinary talke , to more favoury con ference, and heavenly difcourfe. Me-thinkes, it is great pit. ti/, that Proreffours fhould ever meete without lb= talke oftheir meeting in heaven, or of the blefled nieces and wayes that leade thereunto , before they part. Yet many times,