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comfortablewalkingwith God. 14.7 times, ( Inch a deadneffe and dampeof zeale, and heavenly.. mindednefle , haunts even the holieft hearts in chefeunhap- pie dayes of fecuritie and forme) worldly matters, Talke of others , or fome more remarkeable accidents and affaires abroad, fpeculative curiofities , thine ceremoniall unfeafo. nable controverfies , or other fuch like impertinencies in one kindeor other , take up and ingroire , even fromGods children , toomuchof many golden feafons , which might precioufly ferve, by their mutuall diving with moreChai- m edifying 'difcourfe into the great myfterie of godlineffe, and walkes of Chriftianitie , to nourifh and increafe a- mongfl themmuch fpirituall warmth , comfort, and refo- lution againft all ungodly oppofitions , and to build up one another in their molt holy Faith , acquaintance with temp- tations, experimentall knowledge , more comfortable wal- king with God, &c. To confront this common rnifchiefe and Mar-conference at Chriaian meetings, come unto them prepared, as I advifed before; page 86, 87. But if the company bee contrary-minded, and un-inured to the Lan- guage of Canaan ,exercife and interpofe all thywit, cou- rage, authoritie , and eloquence, to draw them from the dunghill of rotten talke ; and by a wife plaufible diver- fion , and modefily over-ruling tranfition , carry the cur- rent of their prefent difcourfe, all thou canft, towards fome Heavenly good, and fpirituall end. i . To which end , ob- ferve , and apprehend all opportunities and occurrences , which may minifter matter of digreffion intodivine talke ; and acquaint thy felfe with the Art of abftrading facred inftruaions from the booke of the Creatures and bufineffes in hand. It was the praclife of our bleffed Saviour : Vpon mention of bread, c_Mattb. H 6. bee preft upon his Difciples, a d'ffwation from the Leavenof the Fharites whenheob- ferved , khpi 6. a number of people to throng about him for more miraculous bread , hee digreffed into a molt hea- venly difcourfeofthe foodof life. Ypon occafion ofdrinke being denied him by the Samaritane woman, John hee forgetting his wearineffe , hunger and thirit labonks to alp L 2 lure