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comfortable walking with. God. 167 11...., purfuit ofpleafures ? Confideration whereof, mee thinkes, Mould caufe Chriflians, who alone are truely fenfibleof the interruptionand difcontinuance of their fweet communion and focietie with Chrill , and fmart many times for the efirangement of their thoughts and affeaians from .Gad-: onely to have recourfe to recreations in 'cafe of true need.; for neceffitie, I fay, and feafonably,eveno they ufephyficke; fomay they expect Gods gracious protellion from thehurt. full prevailingof thofe fenfuall diflernpers and licentious ran. .ging of their thoughts , which are wont to enrage and ern. poyfon the minds and affections of carnal! men , all the while : and tomake account fo often as they are haled by the cunning dnfriareEneilt ofoldcompanions, the tyrannie of former cuftome, or unmortified yeeldingneffe of their owne deeeitfilll hearts , to immoderation and exceffe in this-kinde;, fooften to expofe their hearts by Gods jufi'permiffion, asia prey to temptation and vanity.Whereby theymay be in con. tinuall danger,either by littleand to be drawne,back, and drowned againe in the frothand fooleries oftheir difavoiv,ed pleafures, which were an horrible thing; or elle at leaft, to bring upon themfelves, from time to time,as they tranfgreffe in this kinde, much unneceffary difcomfort and diffettledneffe in their Chriftian courfe, dif.rellifb in Religious exercifes, deadneffe ofheart, difacquaintance with heavenlycomforts, Joffe of that dearthThing,and earthly Parad ife,peace ofCon- fcience, which perhaps they {hall hardly withmuch adoe re- cover a long time after. 6. Sixthly , confider Chryfoflomes precifenefre againft Przrcns tempus Wafting.time this way .Theprefera timefaith he,ii -not for mel- Trudii ludtuai 'c't},tribulationums & latnentationum. Tu verb levirer urbakis facetiis jocularis; dentibus ftridet,ac fre- Mit,iy,nern fpirat advertsfalutem tuam;ct to fcdes,facetias effandens: -Lticlimus dileaiWis dike.. re Sanftorum converfationerniAudi Pauluni dicentem Ter triennium, inquir, nate die nondeffiticam lacryttis admoneie unumquemque vcihron._Audi etiam quid &Corinth,is dicat : Ex multh tribidati. one, inquir, micratecordisfivipre vobts per males lacbrimae. Et irerum infirmatur,er, ego non in- firm°, krt, offinditur, es' ego ran veer Quin audi quid & alibi dicat : Nam& nos, inquit, gnifatnre in hoc Tabesnaculegernime.4, ct per fingulos dies, ut ita dicam, ex hocmundolnigrare cupiente lo, Tulides, et Iudis i Belli tempus eft, pumas, vigiliarum, cuflodise, arrnatur et ac;ei tts - osa tripudiantium funt,yiiirpas ? Nonvides bells gereutium facies, quomodb Gnt trifles, contiaete fuperciliis terribilcs, etborrore Viden* aelem oculorum aucterum, con excitatum, falicnset palpitans 1 &c. Chr;for in Cap. 5. adEph. Seem. i7. M 4 ting