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68 Gexeralldire ionsfor a +...'*."=W Ilmo,wom ting intomirth ; batfir lamentation and mourning. And et doefi thouvainely mil (fiend it in merry conceits ? The Devill gnafbeth the teeth, roarer, and fames, and flafhes out fire a. gainfi thyfalvation ; and doeft thou fit Rill andjovially jell it oat ? Doe we play and_Mort ourfelvei,Beloved wilt thou learne the converfationof the Saints ? Hearewhat Paul(ayes, AE .2o. 31. Ty thefpaceof three yecres Iceafed not to warne everyone night 44 day with teares. 2 Col, 1 4. Out of much affisflion andanguifhof heart, rwrote untoyou withmany teares . 2 Cot. 1. 29. Who is Weake, andIam not weak! ? Who is offended, andIborne not ? 2, Cot. g.4. For we that are in this Tabernacle, doegroane being burdened. And the Apollle dejIring, that I may fo fpeake, everyday to depart this ; D °eft thou laugh andplay ? Our time here u a time of warre, offight, of watch andward, of harneffing, ofBanding in thefaceand fury of the enemy ; 4nddeefi thou demeane thyfilm like a dauncer Theft those not fee the faces of Souldiers in the fight ; how fad they are,, how controlled, how terrible withfrowns, how fiski of hor- roar ? Doefl thou not behold the auftere piercing intention of their eyes, an extraordinary excitation ofheart, leaping and panting in their brefis , &c. His meaning imports thus much : Dothan ordinary Souldier in the field againft a mortall man and earthly enemy, recollea andunite all the fpiritsand pow- ers of body and Ionicwithal( efficacy, and efneftneffe, for the encounters And a Chriflian Souldier that wraales not againft flefh and blood, but againft Principalities, againff Powers, againft the rulers of the darkeneffe of this world, againft fpirituall wickedneffes in high places ; who is every moment furiouflyaffaultedand hunted even likea Partridge in theNiountaines, by, the devils Open rage, theambufhment of the World, and the endleffe treacheries of his owne falle heart, trifle awayhis time, and tame aide to toyes ? 4. No inchrocheps upon heavenlycomforts ; no dimini- fliers of our delight inGod;,. nodevourers of fpirituall joy. For this is a very deareand divine thing, to bee prized and preferved asa fweet and celefliall lewd, farre more worth thenheaven:and earth ; which the world can neither give, nor