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comfortablewalking withGod, 169 taimearsoariesseparesameree. nor take from us; neither muffany ftranger meddle withit. Weemay take an eflimate of its excellency, by carting ow eyes upon, r. The intolerable bitternefle of the contrary ; I meane, fpirituall horrour, which we fee, fometimes by wofull expe- rience, doth enrage the guilty confeiences of fome forlorne wretches, with filch refileffe furies, andunutterable anguifb, that at length, (extremeft, I knownot whether madnefre or cruelty !) they lay violent and villanous hands upon them felves. Inwhich cafe, filch an hell upon earth is horrour of confcience, theycare not a button for the fweetneffe of life, the rufull cries of their owne deare children, theheavy looks of their yoke fellowes , the abhorred infamy they bring upon their ownenames, families, kindred, buriall, pofieri ty. Oh how they fpurne at with a vile , difdainefull con- tempt, Pleafures, Riches,Honours, Crownes, Kingdomes, Worlds of gold, any thing, every thing, as miferable com- forters! Nay it is fo flinging, that they will rather venture upon that other Hell, to which they are pofting in a Coffin of blood, a thoufand thoufand times more horrible, then endure it any longer. If fenfe then of divine indignation, taking fecret vengeance upon the guilty confcience of an impenitent Rebell, puts him as it were into hellish flames aboveground; what an heaven upon earth is a fweet fee- ling of Gods reconciled face, and his everlarting mercies, through Chrift, fealed and let on by the holy Ghoft, and to- flimony ofa good confcience ? Andhow delicioufly doth humble foule, fohonoured with a foretaile and firft-fruits as it wereof eternall joyes, grafpe the Lord lefus in his ordi- nances, and blisfully funne it kik in the love and light of His countenance ? 2. The praftife of the prophane in their infatiable reft lefre purfilite of falfe joyes, andpainefull pleafures ' which at belt are but as crackling of thornes under apot, andflafhesof lightningbefore everlafting fire. They hunt after themeven into hell, and light a candleat the Devill for lightfomnefreof heart; by haunting Ale-houfes, Tavernes, Brothel-houf es, Play-