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17o Generag direr ions for a Play-houfes, Conventicles of good felloWfhip, finfull and unfeafonable fports, a thoufand kinds of vanities andfoole- ries, which are nothing but the Devils Wakes, and revel- lingsof Hell. And all this little poore carnal! mirth, is pur- chafedmany times with much fhame,loffe,mifery, beggery, rottenneffeof body, difcredit, damnation. At what an high ratethen, and with what eagerne{fe and thirft is that true, fweet, unmixed, glorious joy fpringingout of the Fountaine of comfort in anhoneft and holy heart, to be fet and fought after 3. Thedifferences betweene fpirituall and carnal! joy : in refpeet. i. Of Laftingneit. A fpiritually merry heart is a con- tinual! feaft, faith Sa/cmon, whereas the joy of the hypocrite is botfor a momext, Job chap.2o.5. Carnal! joy is like light- ning, fpirituall like the light of the Sunne. While the Play lafts, then fenfualii} laughs ; but he fats intohis dumps when all is done. The Drunkard is merry, whilcil hee revels it a- mongft his pot-companions in the Ale-houfe ; but when hee comes home, there is many times woefull worke. Whileff theGamefter is at play, he is well enough pleafA ; but when he hath madeaway all, bee is ready to make away himielfe alfo. A cunning and profpnous Worldling, I confeffe, by Godspermiffion may patch together his pleafures all his life long : but at furtheft, at death comes the deadly and ever- Jailing&nape ; whereas he that walkeswith God, is con- tented and comfortable all the day ; and death is the day- l Si quid artifact breake to himof everlafting brightneffe. Carnal! joy, I fay, pat arorpepprerum, hende- tde. is like lightning, a flafh and a away ; b leaves the minds in ^b re, quia pent pri- more extreme and deeper darkeneffe ; blafts the heart and as' qua' ""' affe&ions with all fpirituall deadneffe and defolations, - with cur, avolabat. au. gufi many boyling dfftempers, much raging wild-fire and un- :pcciectaparcloteorficti: . quenchable thirft after fenfuality, earthlineffe and Epica- pineravfit,et craft). rifme ; and firft or laft,itis ever certainely followed with ren- cict,iccmatr;Tnrcee:dng and roaringof the fpirit, fpirituall terrours thunders, limn catholic, cc darkeneffeand damnation. But godly joy is like the light of reliquit. aqui!. , 6crin.3.detemporc. theSunne, which though it may for a titnebee overcaft with clouds