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comfortable walkingwith God. clouds of temptations, milts of troubles, and perfecutions, darkeneffe of melancholy ; yet it ordinarily breakes out a- gainwithmore fweetneffeand fplendour, when the forme is over but howfoever, it bath ever the Sunne ofrighteouf- neffe, and Fountaine of' all comfort , fo refident and rooted in the heart, that not all thedarkeneffe and gates of Hell fhall ever be able to difplant or diflaine it, no more then a mortal man can pull the Sunne out of' his Sphere, or put out his glo- . nous eye. z. Of puritie. The edge and rellifh of carnal! joy, is ever much rebated and imbittered with many fowre lances, and envenomed mixtures ; impatiencie of' delay, difficultie and danger in attainemcnt , unanfwerableneffe to fore-conceits and expeaation , many fecret terrours , fretting jealoufies, difcontented indignations againfl their difcontinuance and vanifhing, &c. And betides thofe three enfuing individuall flings, which to an illightened confcience as infeparably and fenfiblydogg,re themat the heeles , as a fhadow thebody in the Sun-thine; cut the very throat, andburl' the heart of all worldlypleafures. One of them is, as it were,naturall, mediately attending all earthly mirth; more melancholy and heavy-heartedneffe afterward. For as the Rivers of fweet water runne their ccurfe to die in the fait fea ; fo the honey of all, earthly pleafure , ever endeth in the gall of griefe. Voluptuoufneffe even in her dearth minions,. ordinarily ex- pires with anginal and anger that it is gone. The tranfitorie I:lathes of fenfuall delight, are like the light of a candle, Extrema gaudtj which leave at the doze a noifome vexing fnuffe behind. l'aus"("P'' And that fweetneffe which fenfualiffs fwallow dowse fo greedily , turner, to gravell in their guts, and at fare-well fills their fpirit with thereturne of a more heavy melancfro- lickehumour, thenbefore the receit. 2. The other I call a can, c er wp re temporary fling : for all the wayes of worldly a pleafiire altquid tcmporate are flrowed alfo with needles and nettles,that I may fo fpeak, dcaermare ad pee which ever, and anon pricke and fling her darlings, as they nol) te ctedere plucke her fading flowers, So that at belt they arebut like tali deka"i"i =jot s 2o:orcs Beares robbing .a Wafpes , who ravenoufly rifle the Igabebis (Pain combec -; inPfal 136