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comfortable walking with God. yome.r.40 all formall Hypocrites, who are deluded in point of Salva- tion , as were the foolifh Virgins, and that proudPhariCe, Luke 8. Sixthly, all finall back-hiders of which Come turtle fenfuall Epicures , and plunge themfelves into worldly plealures, with farce more rage and greedineffe, by reafon of former reftraint by a temporary profeffion ; others become fcurrill deriders of the holy way ; Come, bloody goads in the fidesof thole with whom they have formerly walked into the Houle of God, as friends. Scventhly, all tanfound Pro- feffors for the prefect, of which you would little thinke, what anumber there is : I fay, let thefe and all other 'Iran- gers to the puritie and power of godlineffe be let apart, and tell tare howmany true-hearted Natbaneels we are like to k finde. k Non poilintat PPS: Try then the truthof thy fpirituall hate by this mnelicaUltua'n,pek, marke of a fober and fincere If thou frill hol- res', nc inter cos defl correfpondence with the world, and conformitie to the rernotrcsursa real. fafliions thereof; if hill thou fwimmeft downe thecurrent NMI Clruis a- d- the times, and fhifteft thy rifles to the fitting of' every eictu,grpeaft. Winde ; if thine heart hanker Hill after the tafteleffe fooleries lea,,1"3.1afrit. ace-- of good fellow fhip, and follow the multitude todoe ill ; if c2i..i''''p`ai8.47.?' thou be carried with the fwingeand fwayofthe place where thou liven, to uphold by a boiflerous combination , lewd- neffe and vanity, toprophane the Lords Day , to (come Pro- oppole the Mini aerie, and walke in the broad Way ; In a word, if thou doeft as the moil l doe; thou art utterly ItaSr! u vtoltbuearlitlisi,nint undone for ever. But if with a merciful violence thou bee ter paucos angu- pulled out of the world,by the power ofthe Word,andhap- faarcesvinamonact: pily weaned from the fenfuall , infenfible poilon of all bitter- 14110 de Temp. fweeteplcafures ; and fellow fhip with unfruitfull works of Sera. 64. darkeneffe If by handing onGods fide, and hatred of all [aye wages, thou art become the Drunkards fag, as David was, and a by-word amongft the formes of Behd, as was lob; If the world lowre and looke fowre upon thee for thy looking towards Heaven, and thy good-fellow companions abandon Thee,as too precife ; If thy life be not like other men:, and thy wayes ofanother fafhfon,a8 the Epicures of thole times B 3 charged