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comfortable w4lking with God, the eternal! purpofe , whichbee wrought in Chrift Iefits our Lord : that 13 , in regardof the execution of it ; for even thia eternal!purple , and all the aRions ofGods love, which aril from hip ab/aute Mg, are effeUed, andbrought topap in And through Chr 3. W e may take an eftimate of the abfolute, and infinite: frankeneffe of this unconceiveable love ofGod to his,vvhich reacheth from cverlafting to everlafling, by lookingTapia that goodly, faire, fweete, amiable creature delcribed , Eze. chid 16. In the beginningof the Chapter, thee lies molt fit. thy and foule , tumbling in her owne blood, pittied by no eye,abhorred of all ; which loathfomneffe fhould rather have begot loathing, then love : aversion and hate, then aff,ftion, and liking : yet God null:211e doth there profeffe , out of a melting pang , and overflowing abundance of His free grace, that that time was unto Him the time of love : Hee fpred. His skirt over her, and covered her nakedneffe. In a word; after (bee waadreffed , and adorned withGods moll skilful' and merciful' hand , Thee became a molt lovely thing: Firfl wafhed with water , cleanfed fromblood, anointed withoyle ; then cloathedwith broidered worke, fhod with Badgers skinne, girded about with fine linnen, covered with file, decked with ornaments offilverand gold : withbrace- lets uponher hands, a chaise on her necke , a 'elven onher forehead , earerings in her cares , and a. beautiful! Crowne upon her head fedde with fine flower , honey and ogle; Co that fhee became exceeding beautiful' , and renowned through the whole World,for her perfeacomelineffe, even mine ownecomebnefe, which I put upon. her, faith. the Lord God. Vfis : T. All praife then is due unto lehovah , the Author ofall our good, the Fountaine of all "our bliffe , the Well- fpring of irnmortalitie anpl life whereby.we live,and moove, andhave our beeing , our natural' being, thebeeing of our outward flate ; our gracious being, the everlaftingneflz of ourglorious flee. Were the holiefl heart upon earth enlara gad, to the van comprehentionof thia great Worlds wide, neffe