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confertable walkingwith God. 4. giltift4 In natural}gifts,as comelineffepf body,beauty,feature,fla- ture, wit, flrength,&c. See lob lo.10,11.Pra.139,13,14,16. In civill endowments, or any artificial! skill ; until! it come even unto matters of Husbandry : See Ifaiah 2 8 26. In outward things, fee Pfalm. 127. More particularly, in preferment, and promotion, fee Pfal. 75, 47. In children, S4M.I .27. Pfeil. 127.3. Ina good wife, fee PrOV.I 9.14. In fpirituall things, fee 8,tech.16.1 In any thing thoumit ZoIrai 43 name. We are all framed of the fame mold hewed out of the 2ATin.;1'''' fame Rocke, made, as it were, of the famecloth,the fheares,1R)hoi,13;? as they fay, onely goingbetweene ; it is therefore onely the Eph.23.1.4: free loveand grace ofGod, which makes all the difference. Whereupon, it wasan excellent fpeech of the !aft French King, ashis Chronicler reports : When Iwae borne,.there were :IihfeelgiSL a thoufandother fouler more borne: what have I done unto God, pag13. more then they ? meere grace and mercy, which doth oftenbindme moreunto WI juflice : for thefaults ofgreat men are never rmall. Let none then, I fay, over-looke, difdaine, or brow. beate their bretheren, by reafon of any extraordinarineffe of gifts, eminency of parts , Singularity of Gods fpeciallfavour, or indulgence towards him inany good thing, which hedenies to others. Efpecially, thy felfe being vouchfafed the mercy of converfion ; never infolently and imperiously infuk over thofe poore foules, who are betide themfelves in matter of falvation, who like miferable drudges, damne themfelves in the Devils slavery, and Idler their corrupt nature to carry them to any villany, lull, or lewd comic. Alas ! our hearts Should bleed within us, to behold fo manyabout us, to im- brew their cruel! hands in the bloudof their ovine foules, by their ignorance, worldlineffe, drunkcnneffe, lull, lying, flcof- ling at profeffion, hating to be It &c. What heart, except it bee hewed-out of the hardeft rocke, or bath fuckt the brefts of mercileffe Tygers, but would yerne and weepe, to fee a man made of the fame mold with himfeife, as it were,againft the Miniffery of the Word,a thoufandwar- nings, and Gods many companionate invitations, to call C himfelfe