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Genera dire ions fora himfelfe body and foule into the endleffe, eafelefie, :and re. medileffe miferies of Hell ? And the rather fhould we pitty, and pray for fuch an one, who followes the fwinge of his owneheart, to his owne everlafting perdition, becaufe, as I laidbefore, there went but the fheares betweene the matter whereof we were all made ; onely the free mercy, goodneffe and grace of God makes the difference. If bee fhould give us over to the unbridled current of our corrupt nature, wee might be as bad, and run riot into a worldof wickedneffe, as well as he ; if the fame God vifit him in mercy, he might be- come everyway as good or better, then we. 3. If the free love of God, bee the fountaine of all our good . away then with that fained fore-fight of faith, riciht uteoffree-will, good workes, which fhould moveGod to elcerbefore all eternity ; and that Luciferian felfe-conceite ofprefent merit,a fit monftrou sbrood of that bea ft ofRome, who oppofeth and exalted) hinofelfe above dl that called god. For workesmeritorious fore.feene, are equally oppofite to Grace, as workes meritorious really exifling. Here you muff, call to minde thofe eight confiderations, which I oppofed a- gainft that wicked Tenent of Merit, which doth jullly merit never to tafte of Gods free mercy. From the fecund point in thefe words : Theft are thege- *ration: of Noah]whereas the fame and memoriallof all the Families upon Earth befides, lay buried and rotting in the gulf* of everlaftingoblivion, as their bodies in theuniverfali graveof Waters ; the family of Noah, a righteous andholy man, is not onely preferved in fafety from the general! Dew luge;but his generations regiftred and renowned in the Booke of God, and conveyed along towards the Lord Iefus, as his Progenitors and precedent. Royall Line ; I. obferve this point Doi. Perfonali goodneffe isa good meanes tobring fafe- ty, honour, and manycomfortable bleffings upon pofterity feeDeut.5. 2 9. Exod.20.6, Pfa/. 3 7,26. Prev.: 0.7. and i 21* Pfa1.112. 7)3. Aa .2 39. ReafOn. g. Parents profeffing Religion in truth, make confcienco