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comfortable walking with God. alsommoes 29 after youthful( delights, the lulls of men, moil applauded fa- fhions of the greater part, thou art not a Chriflian in truth, but a true counterfeite.Allure thy fen if thou fwiin downe the current,. and Calle withthe tide of the time, thou=yea jufily looke every moment, to fall upon the fudden, perhaps in the height of thy teimporall happineffe, and hottefl gleame of thy worldly glory, into the irrecoverable and everla fling Lake of brimflone and fire, &c. 2. Let every one, who bath given his name unto Chrift, ever hold it his Crowne and comfort, tohold a thong and unconquerable counter-motion to the courfes of the world. Let him ftil I dilcover the true noblenes ofhis Chriftian fpirit, and of a tninde fpiritually generous by gathering vigour, and growing invincible, from the very oppofitions of the wie- kedAnd villaniesof the time.See Pfid,r19.1 26, 127. I Kin. 19.14. rt nip%2. It was the layingof a moral! Heathen That- to docroa, where wad no danger, Iva,: a common thing ; but to doe well, where was bothperil' andoppofition, was the peculiar office of a manor vertue : much more, fay I, of a man of God. And Noah a walkedwith God. Walkingwith God; is the a Q d. Noah ire top and flowerof all Noas excellencies, andfpirituall ties upon earth. Whence note, per przientern D the ; That walking with God, is the Crowne of li:ertzet°rceuvicir5elr'eatb:- Chriftians Charaaer. ideoque in otnnt opere cautifrimus, It is the duty and property of every true thriaian, to modeflifEmus,re walkewith his God. tiniofiflimu9, fear- per inedeb, Bywalking withGod, I meane,..a fincere endeavour, pun- ratqae c Deo, aually and precifely to manage, conduti, difpofe all tour col.",ivi:lucnor-ar:cier,',7_ atiaires, thoughts, words and deeds ; all our behaviours, ens , perinde ut courfes, carriage, and whole converfation, in reverence and nhe feare, with humility and fingleneffe of' heart, as in the fight mit!? id"...,ivebique ofan invifible God, under the perpetual! b prefence his Jen; per All-feeing, glofious, pure eye; and by a comfortable confe- omnii conrentit, illi in onanilius cn format. b Opus el.1 ut hic timor rnentesobfideat, opus File, qui peccare nonvolt, prxientem fikii cygnet, non in public() foam, fed etiam in dam° ; non inciomo Cai a in cubicnlo, in rote t, Iziaulo, in col* 100, aiignif. Torn: in. Horn,27... cpcut,