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30 Genata directionsfor a . _ AlmsOwes.seme quent, toenjoy by the affiftince and exercifeof Faith, an un- utterable Tweet communion, and humble familiarity with his holyMajefly : In a word, to live in Heavenupon earth. Proofes. Gods Covenantand Commandment to e4bra® ham, and in him, to all the faithfull unto the Worlds end, re- quires it, Gen.! 7.I. The praaifeand proteffations of the Saints and femurs of God, feale unto it. Enochs walking with God, Chap.5 . was an happypreparative tohis extraordinary tranflating to " glory. The Lordbefore whom Iwalke., faith Abraham, Chap. 24. 40. mill doe thusand thus. Isill walke befire the Lord in the Landof the living, faith David, 0 Lordgodof Ifrael, faithSalomon, 2 Chron.6.14.There is ;toyed like thee is the Heaven, nor in the earth; which kee- pefl covenant, andfhewefl mercy onto thyfervants, that walke before thee with afitheir hearts. Ihave walkedbefore thee in truth, andwith aierfraheart; faith Hez.echiah, t King.2o.3. And herein doe Iexercife my fife, tohave alvoayes a confci. ence voyde of offence towardGod, and towardmen, faith Paul, Alb24. I 6. which founds the fame way. Let their money periA with them, who ofleemeall the gold in the world, worth one dayesficietywith lefia Chri II, and his cliv life ofGated- holy Spirit , c laid that noble Marqueffe of Vico, wells killed ckap,28. and experienced in an heavenly converfing with his God, Real:1. And it muff needs be fo : For howfoever naturall men and worldlings, outof their obnoxioufneffe, and fecret terrors, flavifhly retyre, doe not willingly, neither dare they neb.12.29. draw neere to that God, which to them is a confionsing fire; yet all thole, who have truely tatted bow gracious and glo- rious bee is, (hall find their hearts, out of a fecret fenfe of Gods love unto them firft, kindlily inflamed with infinite defire to live under the comfortable influence of his plea- fedcountenance, to enjoy his holy Maj:fty with con ffant peace , and an humble fpirituall accefle and acquaintance continually,