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comfortable walking rvith God. emaramoswe continually. His fpirit of Prayer,in finite love, exercife ofre- pentance, temptations and troubles from Satan '; preffures and oppreffions from the World,loffe of inward peace,faint. mile of Faith, want of fpirituall ftrength, affatilt of fome fpcciall finne, fweetneffe of meditation, dayly favours fhow- red dowse uponhitn without number, and above measure fore-thought of the great and !aft Account, motions of the bleffed Spirit, fpirituall defertion, &c. but above all, the inex- plicable bleff:Ancire, goodneffe, and excellency of that high. eft Majefly it felfe, drives him to his God many times a day, 2. A 11 Gods loves unto us ; His loving kindneffes, prote- ctions, prefervations, bounty, patience, divine illuminations, fpirituall bleffings : In a word, every linke of that golden chaine of Mercy, Grace and Glory, farre thicker fet with fweeteft 14. flings in all kinds, then the Heaven with Starres, whichour happy Soules have, doe, or (hall enjoy from the firft fpringing of it up (if everlafting could have any begin- ning) out of the adored Fontaineof his free grace, to the laft moment of eternity in higheft heavenly bliffe, (ifeterni- ty could poffibly ever determine) should bee fo many keene fpurres, deepeft obligations, ftrongeft chaines, to drawour hearts molt greedily to this infinite delight in him, and thus with an humble familiarity to converfewithhis holyMajefty 3. Confcioufneffe of our former walking comfortably with God, fanaifiedby the life of Faith,will mightilyand incredibly fupport our fpirirs and courage in the times of confutions and feare. The d hearts of fenfuall worldlingsdarttetsi auld ut for want of reconcilement, and acquaintance with God in r;t, hac vita face:: calme and comfortable times, fake and tremble in the Day fiej,conrdum , pry of diftreffe, and Gods dreadfull vifitations, as the heart of a & mereu ante woman in her pangs , and fall al-under in their brefts like carlirm:: Item drops of water. But that happy e One,who in his profperity fi futuram xgritu. bath made Godhis portion, and walkedhumbly in his pre- timem turpicetur, fi conturneliam,fi paupertatem, feta aliud ifitufmodi qui pp iam ex infpirato atfututurnprzviderit, petit illico & confumitur, fem. contra Galam,& everas corporio volitptater. e Contra very qui Spiritu nufld erit fimili cziarni- tate obftri &us, lei fine timore, mreftitia, dircrimins stir, & quavis return mobilitate fuperior: nequt cov: or evadet,quoci nil fit adveth perpefiitstfed,quod majus unique eft, adverfos °rand fortune cafe§ commode, Cbrjfeft. ibid. fence,