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comfortable walking with God. 37 and venome, into the never-dying worme, which would therebymore mightily gnaw upon thy confcience , thorow all eternity. If ever the fword of the Spirit shall cleave it from thybofome, which is infinitely to bee defired , and firike thorow thy fenfuall heart with true remorfe, it will coil thee the bittereft tearer, molt fighes, and deepefi. groans. 6. It is that, which thou art lotheft, and would& lean he acknowne of. If it were poffible, thou couldeft be well con- tent, that no John Botptift should ever heare of thy Herodiodo And therefore then beateft thy braines, and improoveft thy wit,to (if it be capable ofdawbing) diftinftions, eva- fions,excufes, extenuations, whole cart-loadesof fig-leaves, to colour and cloke this foule Fiend, though favorite to thy bewitched foule. 7. That,which thou art in a bodily feare,theMinifter wilfl meddle and meete with, when thou art going towards a con- fcionable, and fearching Sermon. For thou think&with thy felfe, If this day he difclofe my bofotne, I {hall bothbe dif. graced amongmy neighbours that know it, and call alfo in- todumps, and melancholy by his denouncing of terrour as gainft it. 8, Thoughts, plots, and projeets about it, a thoufand to one, ordinarily feizeupon thine heart,with firft and moft ac- ceptable entertainernent at thy very firft waking,; if they have not broken off thy fleepe , and troubled thee in thy dreamer. 9. The cares, pleafures, and appurtenances of it are wont to that% and throng vpon thee on the Lords Day, with ex- traordinary eagerneffe,importanity,andunrefiflableneffe. For theDivell that defires tohave thy.mindmoll diftraftedupon that Day, makes choice of the fitteft, and pleafingeft bakes, to draw away and detaine thy heart, and the moft alluring objets,for diverfion. 1o. In thedarkneffe,and difcomforts of the night,ifthou beeft fuddenly awakenedwith fome dreadful! thunder, light- ning, or terrible tempeil, the guilt andaccufations of thy be- D ; loved