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38 Genera11 direaionsfor -loved finne is wontto comeinto thy miside in the n4'1 place, andwithgreateft terrour. Thirdly, a man may bedeceived, in conceiving, that he is utterly divorced, and quite delivered from his bofome finne, andyet it bee but a meere exchange, or fore other miflake. This groffe, affectedfelfe-impofture, may bee feene in fuch cafes as thefe Hee maychange onely the outward and vifible forme ofit. For inflance ; whereas the fame finne ofcovetoufbeffe Both utter and expreffe it felfe by ufury, fimony, faeriledge, bribery, grinding poore mens faces, crufbing, and unmercia fully keeping under thepoorer of the fame trade, ftealing,o- ver-reachingby tricksof wit, all manner of wrongdoing, all: kindsof oppreffion, detaining ill-gotten goods without reflitution, &c. He may in fenfibly glide out of one gulph of griping cruelty, intoanother; he may fall from one of thefe, being a more notorious,and curfed trade of hoard ing,to forne other of them leffe obferved, and nor fo odious in the world, andyet ftill abide in the ckrobers of death, and under the ty- rannyofa reigning fin. The foule fin ofuncleannes clothactu- ate it felfeby fornication, adultery,felfe.pollution,brutifh,and immoderate abufeof marriage, and fuch other abhorred its purities. Now bee may paife fromone of thefe pollutions more crying andabominable, to fome other of them, not af- frighting the confeiencewith filch grit fines andhorror, and yet ftill lye in the impenitent and damnable fnaresof lath 2s Hee may furceale,and refraine from the outward groffe kitsof Inch hateful! villaines ; and yet his inward parts bee fill defiled with infitiable fenfuall hankerings after them, de. lightfull revolving them in his mind,and contemplativecoma million of them. For inflance : He may holdhis handboth from the crying violence of oppreffions and wrong, and the clofer conveiances of cunning and fraud; and yet covetouffa neffe may f ill reign inhim, by the earthly exercife of the heart. Hemay fotbeare the externall as of uncicanneffe, andyet lye and languifh abominably in fpeculative wanton- Tide and adulteries of the thought . the vifible executions of