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comfortable walkingwith God. "..; cF revenge, and yet notarial in his diflempered affeCtions,the heilifh Vipers of heart-burning hatred, and fpite ; all indireet 'ambitious diming intohigh roomes, and yet bee. pafiingly proud, and over-greedyof precedency, 3. Nay, he may change the kinde of his bolome finne, in refpe1 of matter, forme, objeCt, every way ; and yet upon the matter, it is Cut the exchange of one Foyle fiend forano- ther. For inflance : wantonneire may bee Ms fweet finne in youth ; and worldlineffe in old age: revelling in hisyonger yeeres ; downe-right drunkenneffe inhis declining time: pro- digality may fway in fome part ofhis life ; pinching in fome crher : Hypoerifie may raigne at one time ; Apoflafie at ano- ther : furious zeale for one while; prophase irreligioufiaeffe foranother. 4. When the blafiing &oils and feebleneffeof old age; have with a fottifh deadneffe and lifileineffe emarculated and wafted theambitious vigourofhis minde ' and the boifterous heat of his affeetions, have dryed and drunkeup the tnilke its his breffs, andmarrow in his bones ; his darling finne may then at length bid him adieu, without any penitent difcharge, and bee may fay unto it, I have no 'more pleadire in thee. Whereuponhe may falfely conelud: a mortification,and finall conqueft over it a fecure deliverance fromtheguilt and curfe of ir. 5. He may unfoundly pleafe himfelfe with anunvolunta= ry, and enforced ceffation from it ; when there is no want of goodwill, as they lay ; but onely, of matter,mearies, oppor- tunity, entifement, company, provocation, or fomething for the full and freeaCting and enjoyment of it. So want of mo- ney may refiraine a man, but full fore againft his will, from firange apparel!, gaming, Ale- houfe haunting,buy ing of Be- nefices, Offices, high roomes, &c. 6. Hee may for a time pull his necke out of this ftrongeft yoke of Satan, onely out of melancholicke pang of flavifh terrour, furious fore-thought of death, end lying everIaft- ingly in Hell, true apprehenfion of the impoffibility of be- ing favedwithout abandoning it ; upon roan defperate:hor- D 4 roar 39