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44. Genera 11 turd-lionsfor a that it may feemethe greatenmadneffe that may be, tomake profeffion of Religion hypocritically; yet even in theCc times thereare fome caufes, in which the Devil! takes occafion to caufe fome to play the Hypocrites notorioufly. Simon Magus ha- j, Some theremay be, who being weake and worthleff; Tong beam famows bj yet vaine- glorious, andover-greedy of reputation, finding, Treb,:fmte-ifh.. that they Lindeno fuch acceptation and applaufe with lings, by reafon of their worthlefneffe , and that natural! 'in'tes to "e "1- men entertains them not with that enimation and account i vo oard, ps r orp ece ip iv ng of G d, proportionable to their proud expeaation ; and conceiving the9,,rari.unts,andalfo that by their aflociation, and fading with the Saints moth, pito th company of the :(who in precioufileffe of regard, and deareneffe of love that br ever infinitely preferre thepooreaChriftianbefore the prou- Ivraire,andanV.deft Nimrod) for oneLark; is worth a thonfand Kites) they f bi'vfeife, fhall bee prized above vulgar eaeeme, and ordinary value- /14nm) way, the formerfailing, eves don, purpofely put on a vizour of outward conformity to b.' the mi"atthiwt thecourfes of Chriftionity, that thereby they may procure gifts o the holy G , f which bee andpurchafe fome fpeciall credit, and remarkeable refpeet, gYickedly offers 00 and with fome at lean , bee accounted fome body in the 5,for monei. ludas carrying the oag,for the doOttif ..nent of money for ,wceffaries , and to be poore, didby re- ;ret purloining to feedehio =ovetoos bumor,and ?bat foremore ea- , and unobfer -,edly,in the compa- t ofChriii ondhts Apoilleo, and tender Pbe colour of a reli joueconformity. :Zohn a, O. and 29. 2. Others there arc-, who teeing they cannot fo eafily and exceffively fitisfieand glut their greedy burnouts, by their commerce, dealings, and mutuall negotiations with natural! men ; for fuch are well able with e9uall cunning, to counter- mine againft their crafty and coozetung underminings ; their confcienceswill ferve them to encounter and retalliate their unconfcionableneffe , with like over-reaching retributions of circumvention and wrong ; they can well enough found and fathome with the crooked line of their owne deceit- full hearts, the invifible depths of their Machivellian pro- jeets and plots of knavery; I fay, others there are, who upon fuch occafion, that they may thrive in the World, and grow in wealth more eafily, and unobfervedly, put on a clokeof outward profeflion, and in policy onely and hypo- critic draw toward the better fide; mixe and joyne them- felves with Godschildren, hang upon, and adhere unto true Chriftions ; becaufe they pitch upon them, Make fpeciall choice