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comfirtablewalking !rid; Co. d 45 choice of, and fingle out fuch upon purpole, as thole, from whom , by reafon of the fingleneffe and fimplicity of their. hearts, unfulpicionfnefie of their charity, the ccpitie and confcionableneffeof their dealings, in thefe coozening (up- planting, and undermining dayes, they uiay.moft fairely and eafily fucke out the great& advantage, and prey upon molt plentifully, with the devouring teeth of covetoufneffe and craft, pilded over onely with a %mile offeeming, andvernifh ofhypocrifie. 3. Some there maybe, whom onely the very terrors, an Bingofflavifh feare,nnd fore-thought of the wrathand tor:- meat to come , may drive, and reftraine from the execution ofgroffer villanies, excite and enchaine to theoutward exer- cifes of holy duties, and manyaduall religious conformities. For inflance, fome may repaire to the Houfe ofGod upon theLords Day, not for any fuch great love unto Gods Truth or confcionable Miniflerie ; but for feare, that being then alone , or walking idlely abroad , their guilty confciences fhouldworke more fearefully and fiercely upon them ; and that thoughts of their finnes, death, heti , damnation, and other fuch terrible confiderations would come into their mindes, with affrighting griefly formes, andapparitions of horror. Some it may bee, for feare they fhouldbee juftly. cenfured , and marked out by men acquainted and experien- ced in themyfterie ofgrace , and waies of God , with the odious deferved brand of Prayerleffe , and Atheifticall a wretches ; or left they fhould bee feized upon with fome a era 14.4, remarkeable judgement, in their ovineperfons, families, or goods by fire, robbery, =pelt, ill facceffe, death, horrour, defpaire, or other fearefuli accident, darenot for their lives, but continue acourfe and formall taske of Prayer Evening and Morning in their houfes. Some alfo, in times oftrouble and terrour efpecially, as of extraordinarie thunders, impe- tuous tempefis, dreadfull apparitions in the ayre, flie in. to the company and communion of Chriflians, driven thi- ther by the fearefulneffe of their fpirits , and hope to, rea cave protedion of their guiltineffe,and prefervation frotra wrath ,