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46 Geaferall dirarlions for ©m Y ;.;. wrath, by theprayers, prefence, and acceptationof fuch ho. ly Ones. Wee fee in mens carriages tohumane lawes , that even feare of them reftraines many frommany lawleffeout rages , and conftraines to many civ ill conformities , againfl which their fen.fuall hearts and humours doe infinitelyrife and reclaime, withmuchdiftafte and averfion. Doe you not thinke, that many drunkards would as well live in murther, and upon the fpoyle , as in their prefent abominable fwinifh. neffe ; they did not hold it amore horrible thing to beehan- ged, then to pay five fhillings, or fit in the flockes ? Would not many at Sermon-time , rather bee in the Ale-houfe, than in the Houfe ofGod , were not the conflitutions ofmen a curbe unto their corruptions ? Would not fome defperate wretches as well ftrike thorow at once, and quite difpatch gl fe they hate, as kill them all the yeere long, with their cruell thoughts andbloody malice ; were not thoughts free, andaduall murther deathby the lawes ofmen ? Would not many malicious Papifis , thinke you, as well fpeake traite- rouflyof the King, as teare Gods glorious name with their oathes , and blafphemous tongues; were they not terrified with feareofTyburne ? It may be fo proportionably in mens behaviours towards divine Lewes , the holy Statutes of Heaven, and that highfl Tribunal!. But as in the former wee ought to bee fubi:et, not onelyfor wrath , but all( for confei. ewe fake , fo in the latter muchmore, not onely for terrour ofGods Iudgement ; but alio for love ofhis Truth. A worthy Divine fummes up all I would fay in this point, thus : Sometimes, faith he, thefeare ofgods lodgements, as of the racke,ofan accufing confeience, of the torments ofbell fire, cfP.c holdeth men in 4,00 obedience. I feare mee, there are too many abroad in the world, efpc- dally great Ones, whoby forbearance ofother groffe finnes, towhich their fenfuall affections are not fo indeared , out- ward performance of fomeholy duties, formal[ prefence at religious exercifes, countenancing, and patronage of godly Miniftersandgoodmen , hope to make amends , as it were, and to parchafe proteetion and difpenfatiots for the ven- Qa.,,,,-.0