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comfortable walking with Gad. Worm, in the Name ofour Lord Iefut Chrifi ; yea, although I knew there were JO many Divels to oVift mee, as there are tile! to cover the houfes in Worms. That of a molt re nowned ItalianMarquefre, galeacias Carracciolif3, tempted by a White with a great fumme of money, to returne from Gods bleffing at Geneva, to the warme Sunne in Italy : Let their money peril with them , who efleeme all the Gold ;theStor.7of bk in the world , worth one day, fOciety with Iefito Chrif , and 'P hie holy Spirit. That of George Carpenter, Martyr : y Fox,pir..8s4, wifi and my children are Jo dearely beloved unto me, , that they cannot beeboughtfrommee, for all the riches andpole': Font of the Dukeof Bavaria: but for the love of my Lord gad, I willwillinglyfirfake them. That of Kilian, a Dutch Schoolc-mafier, to filch as askedhim, if hee loved not 'his wife andchildren; Yes, laid hee, If the world were Gold, and weremine to di Jfrofeof, Iwouldgive it to live with them, though it were butinprifbn; jet no)fiuleandChrffl are dearer to mee then ad. I V. Exercife thy felfe aiitinually, and bee excellent in that onely Heaven upon Earth, and fweeteft Sanciaary to an hunted foule, the Life o f faith. Which to live in forne rtlab 2, .. good meafure, is the duety and property of every living Ga.13`1;:7° member of Chrift Iefus. Love therefore, and labourto live ri).21° 35. by the powerof Faith, the lifeof falvation, fanetification, a prefervation. I. Of falvation, thus : Let thy truely-humbled Ionic , grieved and groaning under the-burden of finne, throw it felfe into the meritorious , and mercifull Armes of Iefus Chrift, wounded, broken, and bleeding upon the Croffe and there let it hold, and hide it felfe for ever in foil afiance of eternal! life, by vertue of that promife, John 3.36. He that beleeveth on the Some , loath everlafling life. For having thus laid hold upo'nhim, He by his Spirit loth communicate firit himfelfe unto thee ; then both the merit of his death for remirrion of thy finnes - --and of his aetive obedience for thy right to falvation and happinefre ; and withal!, the power of his Spirit, to quicken thee to the life of Grace in this World , and to raite up thy body to t 3 the