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comfortable walkingwith God. 55 fballfitiit be in the Vines : the labour ofthe OliveAallfaile, and thefields!hallyeeldno meate, theflakefhalth cut offrom the fold , and there bee no herd in the fuller : yet I will ejoyce in the Lord I willjoy in the God ofmy falvation. Confider alto for this purpofe, lobs patient bleffing of God upon the furprize and concurrence of an univerfall mifcry, lob 1.21. 0 In pangs of the New-birth, fpirituall infancy, wetkneffes of faith, prayer, godly forrow, andother graces ; by thole cordiall refrefhing promifes, Rev.21.6. Matth. g.5. 2, 3 . and4o. ii.and 57. 5 . In oppofitions againfl the railing or reftauration of fpiri- mall buildings by the Miniftery of the Word : or in temp- tationsagainft a mans perfonall progreffe, and holding mit againfl Gods wages unto theend ; by renouncing our owne ftrength, difclaiming the arme offlab, and crying in every encounter : Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, Z h faith the Lordof Hefts, What art thou, 0great mountable, ac.....4.6)7. cc. In languifhingsand tremblings after relapfe into come old, or fall into Tome new finne ; by filch precious places as 'axle: 1 Iohn 2.1. Dike 17.4. r Same/12.2o. r John i 9. From this laft place a reverend Divine colleas this comfort : If weefeeour unworthineffe, and withbroken heartsacknowledge it, Godisfaithfull andPO to forgive it, he it never f; great. But this is a Jewell fit onely for the care of a fincere Chritli- an, whenout of the fearefulneffe of his diftruftfullfpirit, he putsoff all comfort, though truely humbled, after enfnare- f inent in force more fpeciall affrighting finne. Let no (wine trampleupon it. In all kinds of temptations,by the power of that promife, i Corao.i 3. Nay, even amidft variety of them by obey- ing that precept, lam. 1,2. c.,241 brethren, count it all joy when you fa into divert temptation. In fpirituall defertion , by refrefhing , and felting thy finking foule , in the meane time untill the Lord returne, upon that fureft Rocke, /fai4h 30,18. Blefedare all they thee E 4 wire