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General( direc7iems fora 'mite for him. Moll bluffed, deare, and fweeteff Sancta. ary I If the Chrifliandye in that waiting (fate, he fhall bee certaincly caved ti For the holy Ghoiff pronounceth him bleilsed. In the deepe,and almoft defpairing apprehenfions of thine extremevileneffe, and, as it were, nothingneffe in grace, by apprehending that molt mercifulfpromife fromGods owne month;ifiti.43 .2 . In thy perplexed and troubled thoughts about returne of ter backftiding ; by thofe comfortable encouragements, 'ere. 3. zr iz,13,14,22. Iii 'doubts of lofing the loveof God, and life ofGrace ; ley conflderationof thofe patliges inGods Booke, whereit appeares that the love of God untohis child, in reipeet of tenderneffe, and conftancy, is infinitely dearer then that of a 21110ft lovingmother to her little one, ifiliab 49. r 5.ffronget then the ftony Mountaines, and Rockes of flint, as conflant as the courfes of the Sunne, and of the Moone, and of the Starres, and of the day, and of the night, bre. 31. 36. and 33. 2o. nay,as lure, as Godhimfelfe, Pfal.89,33, 34, 3 In the Haile-(formes of flanderousarrowes, and empoy- foned dartsof difgrace, by cleaving to mofi glorious pro- mifes, Matth.5 In the valleyof the fhaddow of death ; by an affurance of Gods mercifull omnipotent pretence, Pf4 2 ;.4. In the extremity and depth of fuck' defperate diftreffes, andperplexities; -. wherein, in thy preterit feeling, thou canft fee, and finde no poffibility of helpe fromHeaven or Earth, God or Man ; but art both helpeleffe and hopeleffe, as the Church complaints, Lam. 3.18. by fuch like placesas thofe, /filial/ 3 3. 9,10. 2 are. 20. I 2. Gen; 22.14. Exod. z4. x Pfig1.78.65. In every thing , or any thing that fhall, or can poffibly befall thee ; profperity, or povertie ; croffe, or comfort; calmneffeofconfeience,or =pelts of terrour ; life or death, kicc. By extraftingabundanceof unconquerable patience, and peace