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:41.1L :I 64 General'directionsfor a nances , then in all his outward benefits, and favours of this life. For as the beft of thefe abufed , will moil certainely at theBarre ofGod,turne fcourges and Scorpions to the world - (1.24`d vcfper ye. hugs confcience ; and in themeane time, there is no man fo 11 at incatM11. affured of his honour, of his riches, health, or life; but that bee may bee deprived of either, or all, the very next home, or day to come; fo the other will prooveunto the Chriflian , having beene confcionably and conftantly exer- cifed in them, as a rich flocke, tobring in comfort, patience, and inwardpeace, in his molt neede and greateff extremitie. 4. Affoone as thou difcoverefl any fpirituall weakeneffe or decay, anyextraordinary affault, temptation, deadneffe, &c, complaine betirne, cry mightily untoGod, give himno refl.; neither give over feeking , until' hee rename unto thy foul; with power, and life againe. If ordinary meanes will not prevaile,preffe upon himwithextraordinary : if then he doe not revive thee with woontedquickning vigour,waite with a patient wakefull longing of all the powers of thy foule; and then all this while thy foule is fill in its true fpirituall temper, and a mon bleffed fate. See /fic3o.t 8. S. Decline watchfully all ocealions of falling from thy firft love,ferver.- cie , and heavenly. min&dneffe : as fpirituall pride, knowne hypocrifie, defire to be rich, difcontinuanceofthine intimate- mirewith the godly , neglect of thy particular Calling , or dailywatch over thy heart ; ungodlycompany, forme in re- ligious duties , coldneffe and cuftomarineffe in theufe of the meanes, &c. 6. Suffer- not thine affeaions to bee chained down; and fet too much upon thole things which the com- mon fort and greateft part .of men feeke after infatiably, and flaviihly finke under; praife , profit, credit, accepta. tion with the world , favourofgreat Ones ; mirth , plea- Cures, cafe, feare , forrow, , earthlycontentment, prefer- ment, wealth, long life, or any worldly thing: but debafe, and difefteeme all other delights in refpe& of doing Gods will; which fhould ever be unto thee nitate anddrinke, thy chiefeft and choifeft recreation, and oncly Paradife upon earth. X., Let