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comfortable walking with God. 6 X. Let thy Ionic full a often foarealoft upon the wings amatnataenrirea: fi offaith , unto the glory of the Empyrean Heaven , where quenteret cane fa. God , and bathe it felfe before-hand withmany a ticirper at fweete meditation in that everlailingbliffeabove. Oh thinke i,uartar!e archus ta8en de with thy felfe , ( though it farre pafie the reach °fatly mor- P rop..etas fatu- tall thought) what an infinite inexplicable fweetnefle it atadnmd An 11eoxl rs: will bee, to looke for ever upon the glorious Body ofIefus citus markyrum. Chrift fining with incomprehenfible beautie ; and to con- tc.c2Ifetru.1: fider, that even every veine of that bleffed Body bled tobring pag 1003, thee to Heaven : and that it being with fuch exceffe of glory hypoitatically united unto the Second perfon in the Trinity , bath honoured and advanced thy nature, in that re- fpeet, farre above the brightefl Chcrub To fay nothingof the beauty and brightneffe of that ever-blcifed Place, that unapprcchableLight , whichbefets Gods dreadiull Throne, the walking arme in arme with the Angels of God, that e.. verlalling joyfull communion, and converfing with the dea. reft Chriftian friends, and all the crowned Saints, and in- numerable felicities moe , which infinitely furpaffe in ex. cellencie and fweetneffe , the comprehenfionof the largeft heart, and expreffion ofany Angels tongue : contemplate principally the fountaine of all thy bliffe ; hotv the cnigh. ty IEHOVAH, God bleffed for ever, will powre out ofHimfelfe , by the influence of Beatificall Vifion, as they call it, perpetuall rivers ofunutterable joyes , and pleafures upon thy glorified Body and Soule, thorow all eternity; even as the Some powres out his beames and fhining every day afielh upon the world, without emptineffe or end: and with fuch varietie , ( for he is infinite) that they bee unto thee , as frefh , as new , as fweete , as ra.. %riffling , millions of yeeres after thou haft dwelt in thole Manfions of reft, as they were, the very firft moment thota enteredft that bliffefnil Place. Such fixed confiderations as thefe , of things above, will ferve as notable helps to draw and keepe thy heart Heaven-ward, and may migh. thy moove thee to delight in God , and to hold it tha fweetefi life upon earth, to walkewithhim in thewales of F Puritie