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66 Genera11 direr for -..13B Puritie and Peace. Me- thinkes ' if a man doe but once a day fel-icon), and folcinnly thus caftup the eye of his Faith, upon that pckr,r- fading Crowne of Life, which after an inch of time, (hall eternally reft uponhis head, the goodly fplendour thereof, and beames of that incomparable joy, fhould be able to diipell chafe mifles of fadingvanities, and hurtfull fumes of honours , riches, and earthly pleafures , which this great dung-hill of the World, heatedby the flee of inordinate lull, doth evaporate,and enterpofe betweene the fight of the foule and celelliall : So that he might with more affeaio- nate freedome, and contempt of earth, have his converfation above; and turne the current of all his delights , love, and longings, with more refolution and conflancie towards his heavenly home. Thefe Preparatives thus prernifcd , I proceed to fome ge- nerall dirthions for a more comfortable walking in the nw, that it called Holy. Mat 613. I . Firil and before all other things, have a fpecia!1 . eye and attendance to a fincere , conflant , and fruitful performance of holy duties , Gods fervices. And to fay Ncc folam nothing punetuallyand particularly at this time, of private vc- bis fufficiar, quid * reading the Scriptur6, *like hearing the Word,__perfonall' in Eccie""Prayer, and with thy yoke fellow, if thou live in thateflate' r as le.tiones 2 CIS fed criarn in tinging of Pfalme' y Medication, Conference, daycs of hu- atipbre:tee,ralus miliation , &c. of which thou mut' proportionably make 21ios legentcs re- cefICCierICC in their due place , obferving alfo in them the '10'0 quite enfuing Cautions : for a knowne groff; , cuttomary neglect enl.scr. s4. of any holy dune, religious exercifc , divine Ordinance, in its feafon , may bring a dampe upon the reit , and a confumption upon the whole body of Chriftianitie ; I fay, to leave thefe- and the like, in their comics and tunics to be performed alf6 with all good confrience and following Cautions, I onely at this time purpofely adwife , for the better fandifying. thy. Idle and all about thee , to a more comfortable and fucceffefull managing of all affaires, ba- fineffes , and under-takings, either fpirituall or civil; that thou beingMailer of a Family , for I tingle out fuch an one for