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68 GeneragdireaioYsfir a tailaro. 444..4....4444Ns altwommall..- ritual( behaviour, in the doing : 3. An holycarriage after- ward. r . For the flrft : I . Come not before God with any finne lying upon thy confcience unrepented of', or delighted in, fee Pfalene 66. 18. a. Neither with paffion , wrath , or heart-burning againft d any. 3. Stirre up and quicken the ',.' Cam mini tem- pore , quantum aaiveneffe, and particular apprehenfions of thy c Faith, fieri Pteit Chri- about the things defired and deprecated. In a word , in ftianus vir iracun- diam debeat tern- the Apoflles words, for that is my meaning ; -" Lift vp ,1 perare; maxime hot" hands without wrath and doubting. Bring, I. Refo. verS quando ail , orationE accedit; baton againft all finne, in refpec of God : 2, Peace and 90 ne perturbet ani- appeafcd paffions, in refpe&of men: 3. Affurance to bee mum fuum indig- natio. ne um qui. heard , in ref-peet of thy felfe. Or thus : Before thou fall :11ant' :1`Zrot;relnile- upon thy knees , fhake off three empoyfoning and heavie Magis placido hindrances , which will clog and dip the wings of thy accede peetore. D i::):sid enim irafce- t rayers, that they will never bee able to aCcend up unto us? Servos Inc- Heaven : finne, anger, diarnft : and poffeffe thy heart cavit. Tu accedi4 ad orationcm, ut of three excellent helpes, and inflaming furtherances :. tin tibi deli&a 1 . A right apprehenfion of Gods dreadfulneffe, puritie, donentur, , & alii indignarisi .Ardr. power, &c. 2. A true fence or thy owne vileneffe, de Sacra lib 6,41.4 a. Duobus moths bominableneffe' nothingneffe, &c. 3. A heartie furvey oratio impeditur, ofthe infiniteneffe , and unexpreffablencfn of Gods boun- neurapetrare quif- tie, bieffings and many compaffionate forbearances to. guepoint quod poit , ulat : nempe wards thee. 6 adhuc homo 2. For the fecond , r. Repell with an undaunted fpi- nula committit; and aUt fi peccanti in rim, ria refolute contempt , Satans blafphemous d inieetie fneoenxdint:fttdren ons, if' hee bee bulk that way (and hee is ordinarily molt De modo bone fpightfull again ft the belt bufineffes , ) and the rather,be- , viven. Ser. 49. i ,athe if they bee heartily abominated and abandoned c o horn3laciem tuam non auk- with heart.rifing and loathing, they are put upon the bas ad ccelum at. tonere ; oculos tuos in terram dirigebas ; & fubitO accepifti gratiam Chrifli omnia tibi peccata dimiifa -Ides profume, on desaperatione nil, fed de Chrini gratii. Gratis enim falvati eltis, Apollo- lus ait. Non ergo Ilk arrogantia eft, fed fides, de Sam lib. 5. cop. 4... Yrs expof; Orin. T.omin. * i.Tim. 2.8. d Solet nequiffirqs hotlis tam fordidas nonnunquam & impias cogitationes infer- r ut qui rentatur, dum loom illud putat effe quod cegitat deteriorem fe per fpirirum immun- slum propofiro fuo arbitretur effeCtum multague potiorcto animas habuiffe fe credat, cam ad- Huc amaret. Vult enini us, quibus invader, callidiffimus inimicus horrorem propofiti ex defperatione facere fanaitatis ut cos obfidente triiticii, propofito non moot, cone retiocat profcau, Ail. Rif. 142. Divels