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comfortable walkingwith God. 111111.0 69 .e.s/f/MONIIMI** Dive's fcore; and are onely thy croffes , not thy c finnes. c illis cogitati- 2. Watchover the World with all care and timelyoppoiri- ontitas ,.quu..,-. tion,that if it be poffible,notanearthly f thought may creepe f:g:nainmt thign::: into thy heart all the while. 3. Strive to hold thy heart in zennturcu, ,hguLbuiv, , beate, as well in confeffion as deprecation ; in deprecation as quodain renititur petition ; in interceffion as for perfonall bleffings as well for a,crer#1 it, eft peccatum purity of heart, as pardon offinne,thorowout ; though there fine confenfu mentis. Idem ibid. may be difference of' heate, and crying unto God, according Onerofas gita- to theneceffity and neereneffe of thepaffage in theprayer, %Villain anima' to our particular, or the more univerfall good defired. Prayer jquibus raecficeeree - is the creatureof the holy Choi}, every part whereof, wee vult,Ee tamen non should heartily will, and earneftly wraftle , that He would nP:Lerf,t'irfreuditT:log: proportionably animate as it were, and thorowly enlive , even colas 'nth': as the foule doth the body. carom Movpti peftilentia,ePer- 3. For the third, with all intention and watchfulneffe,purs ilrePunaiira' in the and preffeafter the things prayed for, by a timely appre- id henfion, fiuitfull exercife, and utmoft irnproovernent of all home plerauque occafions, ordinances, helpes, and heavenly offers, which may trrirtadedehcidei; anywayes concurre to the compaffingof them. For inflance : vinitace 2 & Per Thou prayeft for knowledge r walks then, when thou haft phantafrna'ra con- done,with a conftant endeavour, in the ftrength of this pray- porearum imagi- iniulamientrEaizrrqoutzatvuesi er, thorow all the ineanes,reading,hearing,conferring, in confeffione c- ling (for even that alfo is a meanes to increafe knowledge, excitor,- hb.7.17, efpecially experimental!) catechizing, &c. for the 14(111reartues - ret : t quPaelcstaa ftridiits non ex- 'totingof thy underftanding with all facred illuminations bib ree b m ra and holy fenfes ofGods laving Word. Let no opportunity fca,armainiquita.. aspeccato, tanni itriaitls hujufmodi ipkitu quatitur et. pulfatun Chin enim ilk infatiabilis homicida, ab exteriori fenfu- alitate fie vidct exclufum, interiors tolledisviribus aggreditur Sed fpiritualis homo qui omniajudicat, illius of utias non ignorat. Reprimit quod poteft : quod autem non porch} reprimere, tolerat : quia etfi latratum canis fuftinet, morfum non timer. Latrat enim cam fuggerit ! runt verb mordet, cum ad confenfum pertrahit : fed cum non ingerit, quod fuggeffit, tune moo vulnerat, fed coronat : qui edit fentientemscruciar, non obligat non conferuientern, Bern. lib. de Coxie. cap. de multip. varier. cogitat. f 0andoenim orans cogitat de uxore, de filiis, de manciptis, de demo, depolfeffionibus, de peco- ribui, de militia, de Intro, de captis, et aliis, qua fun t innumerabiha, qua tisper cor incaurb orantis afcendunt; nonne tibi viderur hxc fynagoga rnalorum I C%-rifir(1. horn. 53. lacap.6 Maub. Plerunque neg6tiator veniens ad orationem ; aut avarus de pecunia cognac; alter delucre; alter de honore; al- ter de cupiditate ; et putat quad cumDeus poffit audirei ,Ambra. iib.6. de Sacra. cap.g. Cogitatio ons- nis feet:fans et carnalis abccedat, nec quicquam tune animus, quint id forum cogiter, quod precatur. ....-gza autem fbgnitia. eft alienari, et capi ,Ineptis cogitationibas et prophanis , cam Dominum de- precaris: qvafi fit aliud, quod magis debeas cogitate, quam quod cum Deo loquaris. Quomodo teau. din i Deo poll:11as 5 cum te ipfe non audias: Vis effe DCUITi mernorem tui,,quando to ipfe Memos tug non (is iC.yprian. de oratione7)ominica. F 3 - paffe,