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DEDi CAT ORI E. worke ~ What hurt and havocke did he make in the Primitive times, amongfi the people of.(f) Take policy a~ iris God ! The Iefuites at this day, brought up in now a dayes ta~cn by · · · fl' d ( f)M. h' 11· · common pllra1e of var~enc o lterature,an ac taveuum myfpeech:-As we fay, fienes, become the grand Impofiours, and Im- ~hat a right Pol!titian Poyfoners of innumerable Soules. the moll: 1~ a ve!'Y Machlav~J > • • 1 ~ . ' _ -lolt maybe fa1d, notonous Incendtanes, -and Auafins., that ever rim in Politicall go,. the (g) earth bm·e: fHch (h) murtherers of vern~eAt, or Machi · · ( i h ,,I' l · ,.{' ave!I1an p:...!JCy, none Prmces, ) Bute ers oJ peop e, Frters D.J States, goeth beyond the :e- . fuiis at this day. Deucord. .ff!.!Jndtib, 3· Art. pttg:64, No, no, their coar(e af life dcnh !hew what their fi~tdy i·s: and howfoever they boaft of their perfetlions, holindfe,meditations and exerciles; yet tlm platforme is heathedlh,tyraanicall, :md able to f'et Atc!ine, Lucian, Machiavel, and the Devill himfdfe, in a fort, to School e. nid. ~odlib. ;·.Art.;. pag 6 z.. The le• fuits managem:mera more Machiavellianly, than Mathiavcllbimfe!fe: An[wer to the Jc(uittd Gent. p~tg. 70• .l efuites arc f, rhers ofmifchiefe,fi iends to rhemfel ves, bcnefatl:- QUrsto feditious perfons,Mafiers ofMachi:n•elltfme, Tr~ycors to England, and to their Prince. An an(wer bJ one of MY Bret!Jren, a Secular Pmfl, to Blackwels fetter ,written ts Ct~rdi11ali Cajeran. I5'96'. CircaMed. (gl Thdc:ruites are to bee marked out forthe mofi malicious,traiterous,and irreligious CalumniatQrs,that ever lived on earth, un· . worthy thateverthe earth fuould beare them. ~llodl-4-Art. ~ p. 99. (h) Bur M.ariana likes I.Jctter ,to have a Tyrant poyfoned by his Chaire,or by his App:trel,and RQbes,afrer ·the example of the Mauritanian Kings; that )Jc:ing fo poyfoned only by fem,or by con ~ tatl, He may not be found guilty of Selfe-f.lony, and the Soulc of the poore tyrant, in the fl1ghr ouc of thsbody,may be innocent ofthef.tB. 0 Hell hou:~ds ! 0 Diabolieall wretche~ ! 0 infernal!Monfters! How long then? How long f1ull Kin~s, whom tbc Lord hath called his Artnointed; Kings. the breathiNg lmagcs of G~d upon earth; ·Kings·, that with a ivry, or frowning looke, are able ro C<U!h thefe earth wormes in pie· .ces; How long lhlll they fufrer this viperous brood (cot-free. and without puni!hmenr, to fpit iK their faces? I(jng]awes Rtmon(t. pag.n7. Sttch is the Religion of the le Renrend Fathers, the PJilars of the Pontificall Monarchy. l.n comparifon of whofe religion and holinefic, all the impiety that ev« was pra:iifed among the [nfidels, and a'll the barbarous ctueltie_,that ever was perpetrated .amGng the Can b~ls,may p,:dTe ber.ccforth in the Cbri!lianWorld for pure Clemency and humanity. Ioid p11g.s3r. Aduc Reli!;ion of the leluices:-for to fpealce rruch; To deafe in Stare -matters,and to pra.. chfe the cc:urh o' Princes, are a-s dfenrinll parts of their function, as their confdlion it felfe. Je[r1 ea tech. Lib. ;. cap. q. ~ i ) Tantum Rc/igi11 pt1tuit [ulldere mtz!lrum. But what would he hned0ne, if he had lmownethe M1lfacre of Frtmce ; or the PowdcrTr~afon of Eng,land? &1. They make the caufe of Re!Jgioa dcfc:end, to the execrable achomof munbc:ring of Princes, butcheryof people1and 6ering of States. Sir 1r,nci4 B'con, eflay·of l(eli(ion,